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We All Need Energy

With all of the gadgets that are invading our homes and offices as fast as they can the need for batteries to run all of them can be a challenge. It seems that I am always running to the cabinet that holds the shoe box that I try and keep full of various batteries, only to find that the kind that I am needing at that time are not there, it never seems to fail. As hard as I try to keep them all in stock it just seems to be an impossible task and I seem to constantly being purchasing some type of battery when I go to Walmart where the prices are usually lower then other retail stores for most batteries.

But when it comes to the energy that is necessary to run the various computers in the house I turn to the Internet to help me find what I need. I mean it isn’t as if you can run down to any store and buy like a dell battery or a Dell  ac adapter for example just anywhere. The best place that I have found so far online which is where I just found the Dell AC Adapter that hubby needed for his laptop and he needed it quick like and so far they haven’t let me down without having to pay extra for it.

Something that I really like is that they have a link on their website that you can type in your zip code and hopefully find one of the over 30,000 locations that are provided for any of us to use to drop off any of our old cell phones or rechargeable batteries to be recycled. If you know me at all you know how seriously I feel about recycling.

Since we live out in the boonies I really didn’t expect to see any place close at all for us to use but was pleasantly surprised to find 5 that are convenient for us and believe me we have taken advantage of these collection locations since discovering them a while back, it’s all good!

new favorite color

Green Is My Favorite Color These Days

Morgan Silver Dollars for Birthday Gifts

There seems to be a new interest in collecting money these days among a lot of various people that I know and countless others that I don’t know that I’m hearing about as well. My youngest brother was into collecting coins many years ago and then one day he basically put everything away in his safe deposit box and tucked away the key leaving his coin collection to sit in waiting until about a year ago.

The one thing about people that collection things, it makes it easier to buy them gifts on the many gift giving occasions that come around each year. Since my brother has started enjoying his coin collection again I was thinking to buy buy morgan silver dollars as his birthday gift this year. It isn’t until July, so I have some time to check out a few places that I have in mind and see what is out there that I think will be the best deal for me as well as something that he will enjoy and appreciate.

money makes me smile

Money Can Buy Happiness


Today was spent doing my homework, reading reviews and checking out various websites that carry Ableton merchandise, so that I can make this purchase feeling good about my decision. My brother and sister wouldn’t appreciate pitching in some of their hard earned money along with mine in order to buy our much loved, respected and extremely talented in so may ways, Aunt Dorothy a great birthday present for her 55th birthday party.

Aunt Dorothy is a “one of a kind” type of person. She loves trying new things, isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, and when she speaks there is no one around that won’t be able to hear it, loud and clear. She has always had a loud voice. Now that she is starting to lose her hearing, so is even louder than ever. It used to bother us when we were kids. Going out in public with her was embarrassing, but know that we have all grown up and have embarrassing our favorite aunt through out the years, it isn’t such a bit to-do for any of us.

Enclosed Bulletin Boards

It seems that the current enclosed bulletin boards are falling apart, so I have been asked to take charge of the situation and find replacement ones for them as well as keeping them maintained and filled with current events and information. Like I don’t all ready have enough to do all ready and now I’ve been given another responsibility to take on.

I spent most of the morning looking online at various enclosed cork bulletin boards and enclosed fabric bulletin boards. Man I had no idea that there would be so many variations on the good old bulletin boards that have been around for so long, But I think I have found a couple that my boss will like the look of as well as the prices that go along with them. I’ll know more by tomorrow or whenever he gets around to finding my paperwork in his all ready overflowing Inbox. Just hoping he likes what he sees and that we can get on with it.

What Do You Predict And Will You Share It

I was turned on to a really cool site that allows you to make a Prediction and then sit back and wait and see if it comes true by the date that you predicted it to. You can link it to your Face Book page or Twitter and I was also told that I could link it here on my blog but I searched and searched and for the life of me I could not find the slanted number 8 that they told me to find and click on after making my prediction, sigh…..

I still think it is a cool site. What I Predict is  “There is no doubt that the new technology that our law enforcement population have been issued called Cellebrite cell phone extraction device (UFED) will be in the news because it will be abused by so many people that wear the “badge.” which is a device that I had heard about and then read about on Face Book last night. Pretty scary info her folks, please check it out if you can.

Now after saying all of that I just found the slanted 8 and I’m going to try and link it here. Will see if it works or not. Here goes nothing folks…

Well it doesn’t come out as a link, but when I copy and pasted the info and put it in the address bar it does take you right to my Prediction where you can then read it and then comment on it. Pretty cool beans if I don’t say so myself.