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This is currently my favorite Meghan Trainor song. She just keeps pumping out the hits. Her and Katty Perry just float this girl’s boat! They are always about some type of “Girl Power” and since I am a product of the 1980s the Spice Girls were a huge influence on girls of all ages back then!

Bruno Mars

I fell in love with the song Grenade done by Bruno Mars several years when it came out. I had not hear it in a while, but today driving back home from our local pet store, it came on the radio and I really enjoyed hearing it and rocking out to it. So when I got home I went on YouTube.com and found it. It was then that I found out that Bruno Mars had also done Just The Way You Are, which is a good tune as well. Thought I’d post it here today.

Music in My Life

My family has had music in our lives for at least 4 generations. Music is what brought my grandfather to America from England. He came “across the pond” to join his brother, a concert pianist on tour in America. He loved it here and sent for my grandmother, and that’s how I came to speak with a mild southern accent rather than a cockney accent.

Over the years there have been a lot of songs that meant something special to me. Songs that I’ve performed, songs that were dedicated to me, and songs that bring forth memories of people, place and events that were a big part of my life. So I thought it would be fun to start trolling YouTube and posting some of them here on my blog as I find them.

This song will always remind me of my grandfather who used to love to teach my sisters and I a song and a dance to perform at family gatherings. Kind of funny that the song is about prostitutes who didn’t want to work on Sundays. I often wonder if our grandfather knew this and was laughing to himself. I also wonder if our grandmother knew and just didn’t say anything or what!

The Search For Gondola Shelves

Since it looks like the deal fell through on the used gondola shelves that my friend was counting on buying for next to nothing, I have been taking it upon myself to take a look around online and see what I can dig up. I really like the selection and the price of the gondola shelves at mfried.com and sent her an email with the link to this website along with the YouTube.com video that they have on their website for their customers that I thought she might want to watch, or not. I know she is busy as ever, has a lot on her plate with trying to open up a new small business.

All of these last minute crisis’s have really taken their toll on her these last two weeks or so, that is why I’m trying to do what ever I can think of doing to help her out in any way that I can. There is never a good time for life to seem as if it is falling apart, but right before the holidays just sucks. Her Grand Opening is scheduled for Monday, January 7th of the year 2013, which is just a few weeks away. Hopefully it will be a great way for her to start the New Year.


Video Teleconferencing

We got good news today at work, they are finally going to start offering video teleconferencing to several employees. No one is really sure who those employees are going to be as of yet. I really hope that I will be one of the “chosen ones” as does everyone. Video teleconferencing really is the wave of the future, it saves time and money for everyone all across the board. Just the thought of not having to deal with the daily commute, traffic and parking gets me excited.

We have been promised some more definite information come next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me out there.