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Not that we had any plans for this weekend, but I can tell you that riding out a major hurricane certainly wasn’t what I had in mind what-so-ever. The grocery stores are starting to fill up with folks buying bottled water, batteries, boards, milk and course the always needed toilet paper. I have never really figured out why the toilet paper, anyone out there have a clue?

Nashville Snowman

You are never too old to play in the snow! My neighbor, Ed, is a musician and he wanted to build a snowman in his yard. He’s originally from Orland, FL and has never had snow like this. So we spent about an hour rolling up the snowballs and putting it together. He added the guitar and I donated the Jack Daniels hat. I think he was cute! It’s just too bad that the hard wind blew the Jack Daniels hat off before I could get a picture!

fun in the snow

Guitar Playing Snowman


In The Market For Liquid Repellent Printed Tablecloths

It only makes sense to buy printed waterproof tablecloth that you can use over and over and not have to worry about washing after each use and to have to deal with the inevitable stains that appear no matter how hard everyone tries to prevent from happening. To be able to just wipe down with a washcloth or a sponge would be so much easier to deal with each time we have the occasion to entertain throughout the year.

Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about it getting soaking wet and possibly getting ruined when it gets put out in the wind and rain that seems to arrive one days that you are praying will be nice and sunny out. Of course now they are called “Liquid Repellent Tablecloths” . The name might have changed but the product is still the same.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Webberville Style

With all of the extreme weather that we have been experiencing lately, I’m afraid that my carpets are in desperate need of a good professional Carpet Cleaning Webberville style. No matter how hard we try and do what we can, it has been impossible to keep from tracking in all kinds of dirt and mud all over the place. And the fact that we have several animals that come and out of the house each and every day doesn’t help the situation one bit.

So all I did was go to thesteamteam.com and shoot them a quick email and we are all set up and ready to go for Friday. That gives me time to get the place ready for the best cleaning that they have had in several years. I actually bought a carpet cleaner a few years back but it seriously lacks what a professional can do besides the fact that it is a lot of hard work on my part to use the darned thing. I probably should have never spent that kind of money on a carpet cleaner, sometimes I have to learn the hard way I reckon.

Summer Fare

It might not be officially summer for another two months, but let me tell you, it’s plenty hot around here. We have been taking cover from afternoon thunderstorms every day for more than a week. Last night the storms had heavy rain and hail, plus lots of lightning strikes. I was so concerned about the lightning that I unplugged the computer and the video games so that if we got hit by lightning that they would not get fried.