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Morgan Silver Dollars for Birthday Gifts

There seems to be a new interest in collecting money these days among a lot of various people that I know and countless others that I don’t know that I’m hearing about as well. My youngest brother was into collecting coins many years ago and then one day he basically put everything away in his safe deposit box and tucked away the key leaving his coin collection to sit in waiting until about a year ago.

The one thing about people that collection things, it makes it easier to buy them gifts on the many gift giving occasions that come around each year. Since my brother has started enjoying his coin collection again I was thinking to buy buy morgan silver dollars as his birthday gift this year. It isn’t until July, so I have some time to check out a few places that I have in mind and see what is out there that I think will be the best deal for me as well as something that he will enjoy and appreciate.

money makes me smile

Money Can Buy Happiness


Where does a normal person buy a small box of envelopes?

I just realized that it has been over a year since I used the U S Mail to send a letter to anyone. I use email. But today I had to send a letter with an application and they would not accept email or faxes. Yes, it is the Government. The backwards, inefficient, stuck in the last century Government.

So I wrote the letter and tried to find an envelope. There don’t seem to be any in the house. I’m heading out to WalMart and see how cheap and how small a quantity I can find. I doubt I’ll need another envelope again any time this year. Unless I have to follow up with another letter to the Government.

Duck or Duct?

I have always wondering if it was Duck Tape or Duct Tape, so then I found this cute little blinkie! But the truth is that you can call it either name. Everyone knows what you are talking about no matter what you call it. They just know that you mean a silver tape with very sticky adhesive that comes in a large roll at hardware stores. It is used for duct work but has many other uses, including making wallets and other fun craft projects.

Today’s Beauty Salons

Today’s beauty salon equipment for sale is a whole other world then when I was growing up. I remember my mother taking me to her beauty salon in June each year to have my hair done in order for me to participate in the year end dance recitals that I was involved with for eight years of my childhood. It was a big deal to go get my hair done. I would come in looking like pretty average looking skinny/puny kid and walk in looking like a movie star.

The beauty salon basically did your hair back then, not like today’s salons that offer so much more, like getting your nails done, fingers and toes. There is tanning and skin care, Microdermabrasion and numerous types of massages and other things that we rely on to make ourselves, what we think makes us more beautiful.

Carlton Professional Beauty Supplies has a great selection of products that would make any beauty salon proud to own. I haven’t been in a beauty salon in a couple of decades. I wonder if the lady that always did my hair each June is still doing hair. I’ll have to ask my mother next time I talk to her. She should know, or at least I hope she would.

A Beautiful Drive Down To Arlington VA

After talking with our new neighbor and their play area that they are excited about having installed in time for their 5 kids to enjoy during the summer months that they are out of school, I started looking around online at various play areas that are out there these days. Wow, times certainly have changed since I was a kid, I can tell you that. I really like the swing sets arlington va has to offer. I would love to take a drive down there and take a look first hand at what they have. It’s less than an hours drive from here which normally I wouldn’t bat an eye over considering it is a beautiful drive and I have some wonderful memories that I get to think about and enjoy each time I go down that a way.

It will be interesting to see what our new neighbors come up with. No matter what I sure hope that they understand that all of the neighborhood kids are going to take over. It happens all the time around here for some reason, been there, done that.