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Our First Significant Snow Tomorrow

The weather forecast has been using that 4-letter word, snow, for the past couple of days. Looks like it will finally get here sometime tomorrow. I’m not surprised – after all, this is the middle of January, which is right in the middle of winter. Cold temperatures and the chance of snow are part of the weather in Tennessee every December, January and February, with a tiny chance in November and March.

The big question on everyone’s mind is always, “will schools be closed?” We handle that by the county and each the 7 in the Metro Nashville area has different challenges and concerns. But the biggest factor for all of them is whether the roads will be safe for the school buses or not. The schools here have already announced they will be closed all day tomorrow.

Some will complain and criticize saying that we have not even seen the first snowflake and that the weather forecast could be wrong. But with all the satellites and radar and computer modelling we have to help the weather forecasters, our people have gotten pretty darn good about predicting snow and ice. So we are having rain tonight and tomorrow morning, with temperatures dropping steadily through the night. And then at some point, it turns to freezing rain, then sleet, and then snow – predicted to accumulate about 1″ in my area.

Let’s just hope that the freezing rain and sleet does not last long. Ice on the trees is always worse than the same amount of snow. Be safe, my friends!

Running Out Of Snow Days

We don’t get much snow here and when we do it is an event. People panic and close schools, run to the stores for groceries, bathroom tissues as well as stopping to buy a load of firewood from the guys in pickup trucks parked on the side of the road. That guy makes a bundle of money when people are in a panic. He has been in the same spot for years. I’ve never stopped to buy any wood so I’ve never really met the man, but I hear he is just a good old boy and is well known and respected around town for selling his firewood for very reasonable prices.

To be prudent, the school board allows 5 snow days each year to be built into the school calendar. Last year we did not use a single snow day. But this year, we have already used up all 5 and are going to have a 6th day tomorrow, which will have to be made up later this spring. And technically we still have 4 weeks of winter left to go! Making the school year longing never sits well with anyone, especially the kids. Something that we never had to deal with when we went to school. To be honest I really don’t remember many snow days that kept us from attending school, but that was a different time and different circumstances.

In Like a Lion

March is coming in with a roar. We have had temperatures drop to just the 20’s and 30’s and we are expecting snow tonight again. I don’t like to have snow on the weekend, but if we are lucky it won’t amount to much and we can get on about our business in spite of the bad weather.

If this is the price we have to pay for an early springs, then so be it. I am looking forward to March “going out like a lamb.”