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Dogs and Footwear

Today seems to be all about dogs and footwear, LOL! I just now discovered that not only did Scooter destroy my work boots but he also managed to chew up my ash bowie sneakers that I just got for Christmas. I’ve never owned any wedge sneaker heels and always wanted a pair so my older sister was nice enough to buy me a pair that she found online for my Christmas present just 5 months ago.

I don’t think that I have the guts to tell her what happened to them, she isn’t all that crazy about dogs anyway and this would just really tick her off. So not only do I have to find new work boots but I have to find a new pair of these wonderful wedge sneakers that I can get to replace and hopefully keep the peace in the family. Looks like I have my work cut out for me tomorrow inside on the computer. Oh well, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so I’m glad that we got to enjoy the good weather day today.

A Wall Mount Computer Station For His UnBirthday Present

Having a birthday within a couple of weeks of Christmas day, either before or after, no matter what anyone says, has to really suck. My sister’s middle son was born on January 3rd and hasn’t had a regular birthday and/or a regular Christmas since day one no matter how hard people try. When he was born I urged her to celebrate every July 3rd, which is 6 months after his birth date, as his unbirthday party which would benefit everyone involved in so many ways, but of course she is about as stubborn as they come, this one sister is, and she was adamant that she didn’t want anything to do with that suggestion, which now cracks me up because these past couple of years she has mentioned that she wished she had taken my suggestion way back then! Of course it feels good to be right especially when it is between sisters, believe me, but that doesn’t help my slighted nephew one bit.

So this year I understand that he is to be getting a new desk top computer for his birthday on the 23rd. A real fancy special type that he can do a lot of his school work and tons of special effects which he utilizes with all the videos and other technical stuff that he is always busy at these days. I guess it’s better than running the streets right? No really, he is a whiz on the computer and belongs to several clubs at school and The Boys and Girls Club in town as well as traveling around with numerous competitions for other stuff he is involved in. I can’t even keep up with it anymore and gave up trying some time back.

So since he is cramped for space, as most of us are, I am looking into buying him a good quality wall mount computer station that he would like and hopefully appreciate since things like this don’t always come cheap. It will be money well spent especially since I’m going to try and get our other sister to help pitch in which will make it a lot easier to handle. You know the older all the kids get the bigger the price tags of their gift get bigger right along side of them. I remember being able to buy 2 or 3 plastic toy trucks for under $10 for this same nephew. Of course they made a noise and the wheels spun around. Man didn’t he love playing with those trucks . . . .