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Women and Their Love of Shoes

One of my passion’s is shoes. Like most women I do enjoy wearing the latest footwear fashions. My closet is over flowing with shoes, some dating back to my teen age years. Back then I wasn’t happy unless I got at least one new pairs of shoes a week, whether it was from using my allowance, or my mother’s charge card, and later after I started working part time after school and some summers. I just can’t bring myself to toss any of them in the trash, because as we all know, everything that’s old is new again at some point. Besides you can never have too many shoes!

This year theĀ Roman/Gladiator style ladies sandalsĀ  are very popular. I have to be honest I really didn’t like the look of them when I first started seeing the television commercials advertising them, but the more that I see them, and they are seeming to be every where, I now think that I am ready to purchase a pair to wear this summer with some of the sun dresses that I have found and love wearing. Since I look for the best deals possible, I took the time last night to hunt around online and see what I could find. It didn’t take long to find a site that offers free shipping on all domestic orders of $59.88 and over, I could afford to get several pairs that way. At www.housershoes.com they have tons of ladies boots, shoes, sandals and of course lots of footwear for kids and men as well.

Since my 40th birthday is coming up in a few short months, my sister has already decided that for the big birthday celebration in honor of my 40th year on this earth that she is going to order and furnish the birthday cake that she will make sure will have at least one pair of shoes on it, much like this cake posted down below. I think she is pulling my leg (excuse the pun) but if she manages to pull it off I can’t imagine a more fitting birthday cake.