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I Miss My RCA Nipper

When I was a little girl, we used to take Lee Highway to go around the Northern Virginia suburbs. When we got close to Merrifield, which is in the county of Fairfax. We would always see this huge figure of Nipper, the dog. Nipper was the mascot for RCA records.

I loved watching this big dog and the record player from the back seat of my Daddy’s car as we drove by, I’d heard conflicting stories with various tidbits of information concerning just exactly where Nipper is hanging out these days. I hate to admit it but I don’t believe Nipper is there any more. But it was fun to find these old photo of a childhood landmark. Maybe I’ll do a quick bit of research online and see if I can find any thing that fix my curiosity.

famous dog

RAC Loves Nipper


a talking machine

His Master’s Voice







So before logging off here just now, I spent a few minutes looking for the Nipper which I remember specifically resided for a good long while in Merrifield. I had no idea how many statues of Nipper there really are out there on many a roof tops. Only a very few pictures are available of the one I remember and I just found one. Still don’t know where he is but it’s nice to know that I remember correctly.

nipper sitting

My Nipper Back In The Day – in Merrifield, VA

The Need For Cameras

I would imagine that camera sales start climbing way up around this time of the year with so many holidays coming up that people always seem to want to plenty of pictures to put in online and/or their scrapbooks. I love taking and sharing pictures myself but I’ve been fighting the urge to buy one since I have a cell phone that takes pictures for me, quick and easy like. But I’m just not so impressed with the quality of the pictures that it churns out lately. So I’ve decided to start looking around and seeing just what types of cameras are out there and what prices are right now.

I’m not in a major rush, so I have plenty of time to look around and find the perfect camera that does the things that I think are important in a camera. I don’t need a whole heck of a lot of bells and whistles, but just has the basics. The next thing I would really love to have is a decent video recorder. I would love to learn how to get the videos onto YouTube.com, gonna have to ask my geeky little brother about that one when the time comes. That will be so cool!

What Are Sisters For?

My kid brother is taking classes in Electronics, which is a subject that I really don’t much of anything about, but am willing to learn if needed or would want to. Right now I just wish I knew more about it so that I would have something in common to talk with him about these days when I see him.

I mean I have no idea what surface raceways or tubing looms or multi-pole connectors even are or what they are used for, so I have decided to take a look around online and brush up on some of things just to freak him out from time to time. Keep him on his toes, so to speak, what else are sisters for?

brother and sister tickling

Siblings Playing and Tickling


Too Much Snow

Here we go again! Woke up to snow this morning and it has been snowing all day – again!

This is too much snow and too cold for my comfort. But most of the entire country has had snow this week. Records are being broken from all over the east coast. I am finding that people are getting grumpier and grumpier as the weather keeps getting colder and colder, while getting wetter and wetter. If I never see another snowflake in my life it would be okay with me.

snow and snow and more snow

One Single Snowflake

Wedding DJs

It sounds like the Joe Bunn DJ Company, which is managed by david fox, did a bang up job last week at the “wedding of the year” for my longtime friend Anne Marie down in North Carolina. She managed to sent me a few photos in a short email and is looking forward to sharing the professional photographs that were taken on Face Book, for everyone to enjoy.

I couldn’t make it to the wedding so being able to see these photos is about the only way that I will be able to see all the fun, along with the few times of seriousness, that she experienced on her big day! I wish her and her new husband all the luck in the world. May it be the one and only wedding that they attend.