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Pet Allergies

This time of year gets really expensive for pet care. All the bugs have come out, so the dogs need a monthly heartworm pill, a monthly dose of Frontline for fleas and ticks, and my poor Buck and Buster both get grass and weed allergies so they need monthly allergy shots.

Buster has seizures and needs a daily dose of anti-convulsive pills – twice a day. So add the annual rabies and other pet tests and doses, and having a couple of dogs can run your monthly bills up quite a bit. But my dogs are well worth every penny – they are like my kids and deserve good medical care.

My Recent Order From Entirely Pets

It just gets better and better when you can buy your pet supplies online. Not that I mind going to the local pet store. It is always a treat to see all the critters that they have for sale there, but sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get all of my shopping done in the local stores, so going online is so much easier and at times cheaper in the long run.

I just ordered a good amount of goodies for my two cats from entirelypets website. Since my order was over $85 the shipping and handling charges are free and I really like free! My sister told me about this site that she has been using for all of her pet care needs. A good recommendation is all I need to give something new a try and this time my sister was spot on! Thanks sis, now you can feel free to do your “I Told You So Happy Dance!

Welcome Home Ms Gabby!

A few weeks ago I had started noticing how lonely I’ve been feeling in my new home which I had moved into just a couple of months ago. I have so many wonderful friends and family that don’t live too far from me, but living alone is something I’m just not used to, considering I’ve always had family or roommates living with me.

After thinking about it for sometime I decided to go on a search on the net for a animal friend that could maybe help cure the feeling of loneliness at home. It didn’t take me long to find a big, beautiful female Golden Retriever, just a few short miles away that needed a good home. I picked my phone up right away and scheduled a date to pick her up, and was so excited that I thought about going out to get dog supplies.

Needless to say a dog needs food, toys, a crate, dog bed, health care, and so much more, so I took a drive to the local shopping mart and gathered up what I could and figured Id go back home to shop on the Internet to see if their were any good deals I might have been missing out on. I jumped on the net when I had gotten home, to do some shopping for my new big furry friend.  I came across a site that offered dog beds for large dogs which caught my attention due to the fact the dog is a large dog.

I found the perfect bed for her for a great affordable price. It was delivered to my house in no time and my new dog whom I named Gabby, is completely infatuated with her dog bed.

Solid Square Memory Foam Pet Bed

My seven year old Daughter had I have recently fostered and then adopted a beautiful German Shepard puppy and we are having so much fun with our new furry little family friend. She had just about anything and everything she ever needed plus more, but there was a change in her sleeping arrangements, since we have a newborn in the house and are concerned about her jumping into the crib with the baby while the husband and I are sleeping.

foam pet bed

solid square memory foam pet bed

The room next to our basement seems to be the perfect little room for her and her toys and still a lot of room for her to run around in and play. Her bed is in a large crate the is pushed into the corner by the window and I just realized a few days ago that she needs some type of padding or pillow of some sort to lay on while shes in her crate. I searched around on the net for a couple hours and ordered a solid square memory foam pet bed cushion for her. It just came today by the postal service, and our new puppy couldn’t be happier with her bedding and room she has all to herself.


Our Ever Growing Holiday Gift List

This chess set will be perfect for my two daughters to go in together and give their aunt, my middle sister, who is a total guinea pig freak. I didn’t think that finding such a unique guinea pig gift would be so easy to find, much less one that the two of them could agree on. Good to know that we have one more Christmas gift that we can check off of our ever growing family gift list.