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Beating The Heat Wearing My Scrubs

I am so happy with the scrub medical uniforms that I recently ordered from the link that my sister sent me to wear this summer. As I have written about before the extreme heat this summer was taking it’s toll on me and making me not want to leave the house and the air conditioner. Every thing that I own and have in my closet just wasn’t cutting it and my sister was tired of hearing me complain about it. That is when she came up with the idea of me wearing scrubs. They are light weight and come in many styles, colors and designs these days so it wasn’t hard to find some that I thought I could get by in wearing out about in public.

One of my concerns about wearing these scrubs is that I didn’t want people to think I was mocking our medical professionals by wearing their clothes while not really being in the medical field. But my sister convinced me not to worry about that. If someone were to ask me what I do or where I work I could always come up with some crazy believable story or actually come clean and admit to wearing these comfortable due to my problems dealing with the heat. I mean really, it isn’t as if there is a law against it and it isn’t like I really care what most people think anyway, especially people that most likely will never see again anyway.

Thanks sis, you were right once again!

Today’s Beauty Salons

Today’s beauty salon equipment for sale is a whole other world then when I was growing up. I remember my mother taking me to her beauty salon in June each year to have my hair done in order for me to participate in the year end dance recitals that I was involved with for eight years of my childhood. It was a big deal to go get my hair done. I would come in looking like pretty average looking skinny/puny kid and walk in looking like a movie star.

The beauty salon basically did your hair back then, not like today’s salons that offer so much more, like getting your nails done, fingers and toes. There is tanning and skin care, Microdermabrasion and numerous types of massages and other things that we rely on to make ourselves, what we think makes us more beautiful.

Carlton Professional Beauty Supplies has a great selection of products that would make any beauty salon proud to own. I haven’t been in a beauty salon in a couple of decades. I wonder if the lady that always did my hair each June is still doing hair. I’ll have to ask my mother next time I talk to her. She should know, or at least I hope she would.

No Two Cells Are Alike

Here I thought the conversation was about researching information about the new cell phones that are out on the market these days, when I walked into the break room yesterday for lunch. I just plopped myself down in an empty chair and barged right on in chattering on about my new cell phone that came with a two year contract with AT&T and how much I wish I had never up graded and kept my old phone. I’ve had this piece of useless technology for nine months now and I’m still clueless on most of what it is supposed to be doing for me. The worse part is that if any part of my face touches any where on that big screen all kinds of wacky things start happening and I’m just done with talking with my phone literally up side down to keep it away from my face.

Little did I know that my fellow co workers were not talking about cell phones but were actually discussing atcc cell line authentication which is something that one of our managers is in the process of researching for some of the health issues that she is dealing with of her husband. Now didn’t I feel like an idiot when everyone just sat there looking at me when I stopped talking about my cell phone, when they had been talking about DNA and other cell related technologies. LOL!

Possible Stair Lifts

This is a great shot of the stair lifts that my sis is thinking about having installed in her home for when her in-laws move in and are not able to get up and down the stairs because of their health problems. She has come to terms with the idea that either one or possibly both may end up living in her home and is putting some serious thoughts into what she wants and needs to due to prepare for that time.

stair lifts

A Possible Stair Lift Solution

This particular sister is a planner and is very organized. We are so totally different from one another that it is hard to believe that we are related, much less sisters that actually lived in the same household for most of their childhood years. By purchasing and installing these stair lifts will certainly come in handy when she and her hubby get older as well, so she is pretty much looking at the whole thing as an investment!

Compression Pantyhose – A Life Saver For Sis’s Varicose Veins

I had no idea that my sister was in so much pain every day from her varicose veins that she has had to deal with since a young age. I remember when she was around 12, my parents took her to the hospital to have the veins stripped out of her legs. I felt so sorry for her, she was laid up for several weeks and it was just miserable for her through out the whole ordeal. The worse part is is that she went through all of that back then for nothing, those nasty old veins grew right back in no time and she has been dealing with the pain of these varicose veins every day of her life ever since.

The only thing that helps her out with the pain is the compression pantyhose that she wears all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean all the time. First thing in the morning she puts them on and keeps them on all day, no matter what she is wearing, no matter what she is doing, no matter where she is going, she has those compression pantyhose on, bless her heart. It can be 100 degrees out and she is stuck wearing these heavy duty hard core compression pantyhose that makes her legs a bit easier to deal with.