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I Miss My RCA Nipper

When I was a little girl, we used to take Lee Highway to go around the Northern Virginia suburbs. When we got close to Merrifield, which is in the county of Fairfax. We would always see this huge figure of Nipper, the dog. Nipper was the mascot for RCA records.

I loved watching this big dog and the record player from the back seat of my Daddy’s car as we drove by, I’d heard conflicting stories with various tidbits of information concerning just exactly where Nipper is hanging out these days. I hate to admit it but I don’t believe Nipper is there any more. But it was fun to find these old photo of a childhood landmark. Maybe I’ll do a quick bit of research online and see if I can find any thing that fix my curiosity.

famous dog

RAC Loves Nipper


a talking machine

His Master’s Voice







So before logging off here just now, I spent a few minutes looking for the Nipper which I remember specifically resided for a good long while in Merrifield. I had no idea how many statues of Nipper there really are out there on many a roof tops. Only a very few pictures are available of the one I remember and I just found one. Still don’t know where he is but it’s nice to know that I remember correctly.

nipper sitting

My Nipper Back In The Day – in Merrifield, VA