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Inspection Stickers – Safety First

I’m glad that I noticed that the inspection sticker on my car is ready to expire at the end of this month. I would hate to be pulled over and given an ticket for driving on a dead inspection sticker that would really suck and put a real damper on any Christmas spirit that I can pull out of my butt hat. Some days I can really feel it, especially if a certain Christmas song comes on. There aren’t a lot that I like to listen to, but every now and then one will come on that I haven’t heard a zillion times in my life time that will get me pumped up!

I know a lot of people take issue with having to get their vehicles inspected every year, it is a hassle, but in all reality it is a good thing since too many people would be driving vehicles that are not safe for them to be driving nor safe enough to be sharing the road with other drivers. Remember: Safety First!

Did you know that there are still states out there that don’t require anything after the first initial purchase and safety inspection. When you stop and think about all the vehicles that you are trying to share the road and the possible conditions that those other cars are experiencing that are not being taken care of for one reason or another, it can put a good scare in me especially when I’m in one of my “paranoid” moods. At least a legally required inspection sticker puts the heat on people to take care of the major safety factors or else drive illegally and possibly get pulled over, your license run and most likely a ticket that will cost you some of your cold hard cash. While a police officer stands by your car window and wishes you a Merry Christmas!


What Do You Predict And Will You Share It

I was turned on to a really cool site that allows you to make a Prediction and then sit back and wait and see if it comes true by the date that you predicted it to. You can link it to your Face Book page or Twitter and I was also told that I could link it here on my blog but I searched and searched and for the life of me I could not find the slanted number 8 that they told me to find and click on after making my prediction, sigh…..

I still think it is a cool site. What I Predict isĀ  “There is no doubt that the new technology that our law enforcement population have been issued called Cellebrite cell phone extraction device (UFED) will be in the news because it will be abused by so many people that wear the “badge.” which is a device that I had heard about and then read about on Face Book last night. Pretty scary info her folks, please check it out if you can.

Now after saying all of that I just found the slanted 8 and I’m going to try and link it here. Will see if it works or not. Here goes nothing folks…

Well it doesn’t come out as a link, but when I copy and pasted the info and put it in the address bar it does take you right to my Prediction where you can then read it and then comment on it. Pretty cool beans if I don’t say so myself.