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Most Excellent Guitars For Labor Day

You would be hard put not find products on sale for the up and coming “Labor Day Sales 2015” promotions and celebrations. I found some pretty deals that I would love to take advantage of but – I just don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand right now to buy something like a guitar at this time. I am still recovering from all of the work we had to have done on the house this summer. I am proud of myself in the fact that I didn’t use a single credit card for any of the repair costs that are inevitable when owning a house. I wish I could do the same thing next time something rear’s it’s ugly head. I’m getting rid of this credit cards if it is the last thing I do.

Right now a simple Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar can be purchased for under $50, usually this wonderful starter guitar can’t be touched for under a hundred bucks. That would put a hurting on me and leave me limping for the next couple of weeks. But if I suck it up I think I could swing it. That would be a great start on my Christmas shopping. It’s crazy to see that local retail stores around here are starting to put out Christmas products, It’s still august for heaven’s sake!

a great starter guitar

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Blue Burst

The Kindness Of Strangers

A few friends and I went out last month, to a small bar where everyone in town goes to get a away for a night to sit back and have some drinks, good talks and good laughs. When we arrived there we noticed there was a couple guys setting up instruments and a microphone and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were invited or just quickly setting up hoping the owner wouldn’t notice since he was in the kitchen in the far back end of the the building. Before no time at all, they had everything set up and started jamming out, and it sounded good, I mean extremely good.

After one song of theirs, the owner walked out and started clapping and yelled out “we need some more of that!” So I assumed they weren’t invited and showed up as a surprise jam hoping to get some fans, which they most certainly did. After a few songs they took a break to sit and enjoy some conversation with some of the locals and a nice cold beer. I over heard one of the guitar players talk about how his amp wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted it to do and I remembered my sons Randall amplifier that I had just gotten him for Christmas last year for his guitar. As well as some nice bd (black diamond)011 gauge acoustic guitar strings for his other guitar that he has had since he was 8, so he has gone through some guitar strings so I try and keep up with where to get the best deals for guitar needs and wants.

I got up and sat next to him to let him know I knew where to get an extremely great deal for a amp that is extremely popular and he might want to check it out online like I did before I purchased it. He thanked me and ended up slipping me a fifty dollar bill and a phone number for the kindness. I was totally baffled on such a sweet gesture. I told him no thank you but thanks anyways, and my friends and I ended up having to leave since all of us had an early work day the following day.

Before we left I heard him dedicate a song to our little chat they were about to play that he announced was called “kindness of a stranger” I had a big smile on my face and was happy to help him out. Hopefully he enjoys the sound of the Randall amplifier as much as my son does, I’m sure he will and he will be happy to see what a great price it’s going for online at Musicians Friend.

Nashville Snowman

You are never too old to play in the snow! My neighbor, Ed, is a musician and he wanted to build a snowman in his yard. He’s originally from Orland, FL and has never had snow like this. So we spent about an hour rolling up the snowballs and putting it together. He added the guitar and I donated the Jack Daniels hat. I think he was cute! It’s just too bad that the hard wind blew the Jack Daniels hat off before I could get a picture!

fun in the snow

Guitar Playing Snowman


Finding and Deciding on The Best Guitar Straps

Wow, who would have thought that there would be so many varieties of guitar straps out there these days. Finding the best straps weren’t the problem, but deciding on which one to order so that it would be a good quality strap that is affordable and one that my daughter would really fall in love with and use.

I miss the days when she was just a little girl. When I could basically talk her into and out of things, depending upon my decision. Lord knows that those days are long gone. I have had to back off more than I would like to, but I’m still there in the background, bigger than life!