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Green Energy Hosting

A few days back I wrote about the New Year’s resolution that I made almost 9 months ago concerning the issue of becoming as green as possible this year. There is so much that we can do to become eco-friendly besides the recycling push that has been going on since the 70’s, although recycling is a big deal, no argument there folks. I’ve been trying my best to recycle anything that I can possibly think of and have been known to get on my recycling soap box from time to time in an effort to bring attention to the growing problem of people not taking this push seriously enough. What can I say, recycling can be easy enough and it just needs to become a daily habit that we all can incorporate into our busy lives.

Anyway, I’ve talked about finding a green webhosting to switch to and I believe that I have found the best one for me at GreenGeeks dot com. They are the World’s #1 Green Energy Hosting that not only is energy efficient but reliable and powerful.

I’ve decided to go ahead and make the plunge from the only web hosting provider that I’ve ever had to the GreenGeeks at the end of next month the beautiful month of September. I’ll keep you posted from time to time here and I’d like to hear from others that would like to do what they can to help save our Mother Earth in various ways that are out there today.

We All Need Energy

With all of the gadgets that are invading our homes and offices as fast as they can the need for batteries to run all of them can be a challenge. It seems that I am always running to the cabinet that holds the shoe box that I try and keep full of various batteries, only to find that the kind that I am needing at that time are not there, it never seems to fail. As hard as I try to keep them all in stock it just seems to be an impossible task and I seem to constantly being purchasing some type of battery when I go to Walmart where the prices are usually lower then other retail stores for most batteries.

But when it comes to the energy that is necessary to run the various computers in the house I turn to the Internet to help me find what I need. I mean it isn’t as if you can run down to any store and buy like a dell battery or a Dell  ac adapter for example just anywhere. The best place that I have found so far online which is where I just found the Dell AC Adapter that hubby needed for his laptop and he needed it quick like and so far they haven’t let me down without having to pay extra for it.

Something that I really like is that they have a link on their website that you can type in your zip code and hopefully find one of the over 30,000 locations that are provided for any of us to use to drop off any of our old cell phones or rechargeable batteries to be recycled. If you know me at all you know how seriously I feel about recycling.

Since we live out in the boonies I really didn’t expect to see any place close at all for us to use but was pleasantly surprised to find 5 that are convenient for us and believe me we have taken advantage of these collection locations since discovering them a while back, it’s all good!

new favorite color

Green Is My Favorite Color These Days

Insulating pipes

On my campaign to make our house more energy-efficient (for the environment AND our shrinking electric budget) I have decided that it is also a good idea to get pipe insulation for our hot water pipes.  I’m going to have my hubby go to Home Depot and buy some pipe insulation and install it in the basement.

I’ve seen some little insulated boxes that fit over top of the outside water spigots to help protect them from freezing. I think that is a good idea, too. It would be awful to have one freeze and burst – especially during the day while we are not home to deal with an emergency like that.

I do try to conserve water and have always turned out the lights when I leave a room and other prudent habits. But I’m always on the lookout for more ideas on how to save money and also help the environment.

A Safer and Greener Playground Mulch From Rubberecycle

I finally got the chance to talk for a bit with my new neighbors. They tell me that they are planning on having a really cool play area built in their very large back and side yard that they were so blessed to buy at such a cheap price just a few months ago. They have 5 kids so they need to keep them outside and entertained, instead of staying inside all day long playing video games for the entire summer season, like so many kids are doing these days.

Joan, the wife, tells me that they are having the same company come in and do the work as the Obama’s had do the playground area that got so much media attention at the White House. They (Rubberecycle) manufacture and offer a very economical and environmentally friendly rubber granule product for mulch for landscaping and playgrounds that they make 100% from old rubber tires, which I think is a wonderful gesture for the environment. Anything that will help us become as GREEN as possible is all right in my book!

On the down side, and there is always a down side, this means that we will be hearing the noises from all of these kids and all of their noisy little friends along with all of their cousins and other family members that come a visiting. I can only hope that these kids take advantage of not having to get up so early for school and actually sleep in during their summer vacation days so that we will not be woken up at a crazy early hour all summer long.

What Color Is Your Web Hosting Provider?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to try and do more in order to join the “Green Movement” that is growing by leaps and bounds, I’m so very glad to say. I all ready drive everyone crazy with my recycling issues. I’m just trying to let people know that recycling isn’t hard and that if we all did our part what a difference the world would be for everyone involved. I know that I really want my kids, their kids, my grand kids and the babies that are born after that to all have clean water and air. I want them to have trees and a mother earth that is getting better with time, not worse, as it is now.

I’ve heard that there are web hosting providers out there that are going all out in order to become as “Green” as they can be and I want to switch over as soon as I find the best one for my wants and needs. I’ve found a great web hosting directory at webhostingrating.com, not hard to remember, right? They have ratings and reviews of all kinds of web hosting and they have some that are the type that I’m looking into. Right now I’m reading some of the blogs that they have there and according to their post entitled “What Color is Your Web Hosting?” there is a lot to these companies that are advertising being “Green” so I want to make an educated choice when it comes to this decision and not fall for any gimmicks that are being thrown out there.

FatCow is 100% wind powered which is a big deal. So far FatCow is in the top running. I’ll let you know what I decide on and how it all pans out OK?