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The Search For Gondola Shelves

Since it looks like the deal fell through on the used gondola shelves that my friend was counting on buying for next to nothing, I have been taking it upon myself to take a look around online and see what I can dig up. I really like the selection and the price of the gondola shelves at mfried.com and sent her an email with the link to this website along with the YouTube.com video that they have on their website for their customers that I thought she might want to watch, or not. I know she is busy as ever, has a lot on her plate with trying to open up a new small business.

All of these last minute crisis’s have really taken their toll on her these last two weeks or so, that is why I’m trying to do what ever I can think of doing to help her out in any way that I can. There is never a good time for life to seem as if it is falling apart, but right before the holidays just sucks. Her Grand Opening is scheduled for Monday, January 7th of the year 2013, which is just a few weeks away. Hopefully it will be a great way for her to start the New Year.