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Morgan Silver Dollars for Birthday Gifts

There seems to be a new interest in collecting money these days among a lot of various people that I know and countless others that I don’t know that I’m hearing about as well. My youngest brother was into collecting coins many years ago and then one day he basically put everything away in his safe deposit box and tucked away the key leaving his coin collection to sit in waiting until about a year ago.

The one thing about people that collection things, it makes it easier to buy them gifts on the many gift giving occasions that come around each year. Since my brother has started enjoying his coin collection again I was thinking to buy buy morgan silver dollars as his birthday gift this year. It isn’t until July, so I have some time to check out a few places that I have in mind and see what is out there that I think will be the best deal for me as well as something that he will enjoy and appreciate.

money makes me smile

Money Can Buy Happiness

This Year’s Mother’s Day Present

Been looking at tv stands today online on my handy dandy new laptop. I need to come up with a Mother’s Day present and am having the worst time of it this year. The only thing that I can think of that my mother really needs is a new tv stand.

I know it isn’t a typical Mother’s Day present, but there is nothing typical about any member in my family these days and I’ll be darned if I’m going to spend my hard earned money on something like flowers that will be dead in a few days and then tossed in the trash.


Today was spent doing my homework, reading reviews and checking out various websites that carry Ableton merchandise, so that I can make this purchase feeling good about my decision. My brother and sister wouldn’t appreciate pitching in some of their hard earned money along with mine in order to buy our much loved, respected and extremely talented in so may ways, Aunt Dorothy a great birthday present for her 55th birthday party.

Aunt Dorothy is a “one of a kind” type of person. She loves trying new things, isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, and when she speaks there is no one around that won’t be able to hear it, loud and clear. She has always had a loud voice. Now that she is starting to lose her hearing, so is even louder than ever. It used to bother us when we were kids. Going out in public with her was embarrassing, but know that we have all grown up and have embarrassing our favorite aunt through out the years, it isn’t such a bit to-do for any of us.

A Great Gift Idea

I think that a moog etherwave theremin would be a great gift to give my youngest brother who has recently become a teenager. One of his favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory and anyone who watches this show knows that Sheldon loves his etherwave so I’m sure Billy would be thrilled with one as well. I will have to look around and see what I can find online for this gift choice.

Pre & Post Shave Gift Items

Went online for pinaud after shave and ended up buying more than just after shave. With the thought in mind that Christmas really is just a short time away I am starting to keep my eyes peeled on items that I can purchase now to use when the holidays come knocking at the door.

My father is the toughest one of all to buy for so when I found a site that had a lot of good deals on great items all related to the Pre and the Post Shave. I went ahead to took advantage of their selection and their discounted prices by Clubman, a brand that my father has been using for years and doesn’t like to experiment on different products that are out there as well. Lord knows we all have tried through out the years. A lot of money has been spent on buying various after shave products as gift items for him, it’s a total waste of time and money. Not playing that game anymore, I can tell you that!

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Clubman After Shave Lotion by Pinaud