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Around Here

I really like the new led lights that my son put on his dad’s truck for him today. I’m so glad that he his finally starting to show some interest in spending more time around here with his dad rather than running around town with his friends playing their very loud, outrageous music and having their sound activated lights that at times really gets my head a pounding. I never used to be so sensitive to certain lights. I am even noticing that I’m having a harder time driving at night. The oncoming headlights are getting harder for me to stay on the road.

The weather has been delightful and they both have been getting a good amount of things taken care of around here this past week.  Now if only I could get them to help weed and harvest the garden so I could get that under control. I really want it done by the middle of October.

Counseling is Truly Wonderful

Not many people have the privilege of doing what they love day in and day out but thankfully I do. I am a full time family counselor and get to help people solve life’s problems – it’s a great career to have. When I went to school back in the 80s I thought I’d be an attorney or many even an accountant but somehow just fell into counseling and have never looked back.

I really love being in my office. There are so many people that have an office window that just looks right into another window and/or building while mine has a great view of a garden and there’s lots of natural light. I consider myself truly blessed for this small piece of nature during a busy work day in an office environment.  As a consummate professional, my office has a secretary and even offers wireless Internet service to all of my customers so they can get online while they’re waiting on their appointment. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make my patients more comfortable and I know they appreciate the extra thought. I love helping people any way I can and if making my patients feel more at home here is helpful to them, I’ll do anything I can. Who knew counseling would be so rewarding?