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Project Delivered

Well, after several hectic days working on that project, I sent in the draft and expected to finish it up the night before meeting with the client. But the client had a change of plans and came in a day early, so they flew with the draft. That was a little disconcerting, but he says it was a hit. So it’s done and I hope we get to make the deal. Cross your fingers for me!

Trick Questions

During one of the most bizarre job interviews I ever had, I was made to take a “character and morality test.” They never told me whether I passed or failed. I always wondered if there were trick questions on that test. Especially the one that asked if you have ever cheered for the “bad guy” in a movie. Answering yes probably got me disqualified from that job, but I was honest.

There are a lot of movies where you cheer for the “bad guy.” The one that came to mind was “Cool Hand Luke.” I always felt that he was wronged throughout his incarceration, and that the sheriff was wrong to not get him medical care when he was shot. As far as I’m concerned, the sheriff murdered Luke, which makes him no better than the people he was arresting.

Part-Time Employment

Like most people I have had several part-time jobs throughout the years in order to help make ends meet that my one full-time job wasn’t able to do. I’ve worked at several kiosks and actual stores at the local mall, usually around the holiday season when they need more employees to handle the Christmas shopping crowds.  After working all day at my day time job and then having to put in 4 or 5 more hours at night is hard on a person. I don’t know how some people manage working several jobs all year round, a few months of it and I’m done.

A few years back I accepted a position at a used car lot that was right at the end of my street which worked out real well, location wise, but it wasn’t the job for me. I was supposed to work the office answering the phones, taking care of all of the incoming and outgoing mail, handling the files and all of the paperwork, keep the office, the bathrooms and the outside lot clean, as well as taking care of the customers that stop by and do my darnedest to sell them a car along with an Extended Warranty of course. I had a lot to earn about the vehicles that were for sale on our small lot, as well as the various Auto Warranty options that were available to purchase along with their new Used Car. I never knew much about a Car Warranty because my father was very dead set against any type of Extended Warrenty for any purchase, so I just basically went along with his opinion on the subject up until then. But after putting in 6 long months in the Used Car business I figured out real quick just how important the right Car Warranty can be, depending on the Auto Warranty that you choose and I wouldn’t dream of buying any vehicle without one.