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Saving Money For The Spring Plantings

The majority of my close friends and family are totally into the outdoors in one way or another. Spring is a busy month – what with getting all the much needed spring cleaning done, cleaning up the property from the winter months terror and then you start in with the planting of flowers, bushes, trees along with the fruit and vegetable gardens as well. With all the spring rains that we hopefully will receive, comes the need to get the lawn mowers out getting the grasses under control as well. A busy time indeed and I can’t wait for it to get here. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. This cold weather doesn’t agree with me.

This is all pretty hard and labor intensive work each year, but it has to be done and the fulfillment that comes along with the completed tasks is awesome and very rewarding. This past winter was an interesting one (to say the least) what with all the bad news about the economy and the politicians that have been found guilty of so many outrageous behaviors, like cheating on their wives and not paying their taxes. And of course we can’t forget all the drama that went on before, during and after the election. People are getting used to (but certainly not happy with) turning to ways to save money and get jobs done them without having to turn to costly professionals for their equipment and/or their services.  The need for garden equipment these past few years has been great amongst us.

The Good and The Bad

That feeling when you open the box and see that your order arrived safe and sound, on time, all in one piece and is exactly what you wanted. Isn’t that such a great feeling? Unfortunately it isn’t all that often that I get to experience situations like that very often. I seem to be surrounded by bad customer service and companies that are done with trying to kiss the butts of all of the customers that have become accustomed to the mad flurry of “outstanding customer service” that was so abundant a few years ago when the economy started racing down that steep, never ending, slippery slope that still holds no for-see-able light at the end of this massive, all encompassing, deep, dark tunnel.

Wow that got pretty deep and dark there for a moment, sorry about that folks, I usually don’t get all that worked up. It must be from all of the crappy customer service I have been receiving. But I do have to say that once in a great while I will still get the customer service and the quality of service and/or a product that I deserve for the money that I pay out. And when this happens I don’t mind telling the person and/or even asking to speak to a manager or supervisor to let them know that I am grateful and impressed. And you can bet that I don’t have a problem letting anyone know when I’m unhappy.