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Wonderful news about a new college program

My nephew is in high school in his freshman year. He will be a sophomore next year and does really well. Gets great grades, is in sports and drama club. That being said, we just received news that the state university is partnering with the local high schools and offering students a way to jump start their college career. They can work on an associates degree in liberal arts while in high school. With only two classes per semester so as to not overload them. The first four classes are free with the exception of books and then the cost for the remaining ones is significantly reduced.

My nephew is one of the students offered a chance at this wonderful opportunity. I am so happy for him and he is really excited about it. When he graduates high school he will already have an associates degree with credits that will transfer to whatever major he chooses for his bachelor’s degree. He would have his bachelor’s degree by 20 a masters by 22 and if he chooses he could very well have a doctorate by 24 years of age.

That is just amazing to me. I am so unbelievably happy for him. I think more universities should offer high school students this opportunity.

A Good Kid

It looks like I’ll be seeing what I can find online by way of University of Alabama shirts to send to my nephew for his 17th birthday. He is so excited about attending the University of Alabama next year when he is all said and done with graduating high school in a short few months. In order to keep the excitement alive in him I thought that he would appreciate some Alabama apparel for him to sport as this year’s birthday gift.

It will be different around here when he leaves in the Spring, he is the last of boys in family that are still around. The remaining minor children in the family are all female, not that I have a problem with that mind you. It is just strange how things have shifted throughout the years from guys being the majority for so long and how it has gradually turned female.

He is a good kid, gave his mom, my kid sister, a hard time for a few years, but he has managed to pull it together, getting better grades and cut way back on his partying lifestyle that can really ruin a kid. So I’m so glad that he managed to turn it all around and will be heading out for college in less than 5 months.

The Fitness and Nutrition Game

I’ve been tossing around the idea of going back to school and get myself into the medical field. The economy is forcing us to take a look at what we can do in order to make it in this world and going back to school seems to be the way to go for many of us. I’ve got to do something as well.

I’ve never been good in a traditional school setting. I couldn’t wait to get out of high school and get into the real world. So I’m thinking of checking out some of the Online Colleges that I’ve been hearing about and getting my online degree programs in nutrition. The medical field will always be needing workers but I am not good with blood and guts so I don’t think I would cut it as a nurse, which is a field that so many of my friends are getting into lately. But I think I could handle getting into the nutrition side of it. I’ve talked with a couple of gals that are doing the same thing and have decided that this could quite possibly be the way to go for me.

Of course money is an issue, and education doesn’t come cheap, so I’m going to start looking for some type of financial aid to help pay for the classes. But before I start with any of that I’ve got to find the right college. I’m getting excited about it all!