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The Kindness Of Strangers

A few friends and I went out last month, to a small bar where everyone in town goes to get a away for a night to sit back and have some drinks, good talks and good laughs. When we arrived there we noticed there was a couple guys setting up instruments and a microphone and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were invited or just quickly setting up hoping the owner wouldn’t notice since he was in the kitchen in the far back end of the the building. Before no time at all, they had everything set up and started jamming out, and it sounded good, I mean extremely good.

After one song of theirs, the owner walked out and started clapping and yelled out “we need some more of that!” So I assumed they weren’t invited and showed up as a surprise jam hoping to get some fans, which they most certainly did. After a few songs they took a break to sit and enjoy some conversation with some of the locals and a nice cold beer. I over heard one of the guitar players talk about how his amp wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted it to do and I remembered my sons Randall amplifier that I had just gotten him for Christmas last year for his guitar. As well as some nice bd (black diamond)011 gauge acoustic guitar strings for his other guitar that he has had since he was 8, so he has gone through some guitar strings so I try and keep up with where to get the best deals for guitar needs and wants.

I got up and sat next to him to let him know I knew where to get an extremely great deal for a amp that is extremely popular and he might want to check it out online like I did before I purchased it. He thanked me and ended up slipping me a fifty dollar bill and a phone number for the kindness. I was totally baffled on such a sweet gesture. I told him no thank you but thanks anyways, and my friends and I ended up having to leave since all of us had an early work day the following day.

Before we left I heard him dedicate a song to our little chat they were about to play that he announced was called “kindness of a stranger” I had a big smile on my face and was happy to help him out. Hopefully he enjoys the sound of the Randall amplifier as much as my son does, I’m sure he will and he will be happy to see what a great price it’s going for online at Musicians Friend.

A Great Gift Idea

I think that a moog etherwave theremin would be a great gift to give my youngest brother who has recently become a teenager. One of his favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory and anyone who watches this show knows that Sheldon loves his etherwave so I’m sure Billy would be thrilled with one as well. I will have to look around and see what I can find online for this gift choice.

Pre & Post Shave Gift Items

Went online for pinaud after shave and ended up buying more than just after shave. With the thought in mind that Christmas really is just a short time away I am starting to keep my eyes peeled on items that I can purchase now to use when the holidays come knocking at the door.

My father is the toughest one of all to buy for so when I found a site that had a lot of good deals on great items all related to the Pre and the Post Shave. I went ahead to took advantage of their selection and their discounted prices by Clubman, a brand that my father has been using for years and doesn’t like to experiment on different products that are out there as well. Lord knows we all have tried through out the years. A lot of money has been spent on buying various after shave products as gift items for him, it’s a total waste of time and money. Not playing that game anymore, I can tell you that!

after shave

Clubman After Shave Lotion by Pinaud

Shapeez – 360 Degree Perfection

I have never been a fan of wearing a bra, in fact I hate it and I do everything and anything that I can in an effort not to have to wear one if I can get away with it. I gave up years ago trying to find the Best Bra. I can’t tell you how many bras I have tried on throughout the years in all kinds of stores that I find myself venturing into. My sisters have even given up on finding a bra that I will consent to wearing. I have drawers full of hand-me-down bras from them, my mother, my step mother and even a few from my best friend that they have felt that I could wear.

I have been seeing and hearing about the new Shapeez bras that are all the rage. The Today Show even did a spot on this new Seamless shape wear solution, which is why I have gone online to find out more about their garments, in hopes of finding one that I might be able to tolerate for more than just a few minutes before driving me right up the wall in discomfort and aggravation. I do believe that theirĀ  Long Tankee just might fit the bill, so I’m going to use my last gift card that I have been holding onto that I got for Christmas, and place my order online and keep my fingers crossed that I will be a happy camper and finally be able to wear a bra in comfort. That would be one for the books, as they say!

A Wall Mount Computer Station For His UnBirthday Present

Having a birthday within a couple of weeks of Christmas day, either before or after, no matter what anyone says, has to really suck. My sister’s middle son was born on January 3rd and hasn’t had a regular birthday and/or a regular Christmas since day one no matter how hard people try. When he was born I urged her to celebrate every July 3rd, which is 6 months after his birth date, as his unbirthday party which would benefit everyone involved in so many ways, but of course she is about as stubborn as they come, this one sister is, and she was adamant that she didn’t want anything to do with that suggestion, which now cracks me up because these past couple of years she has mentioned that she wished she had taken my suggestion way back then! Of course it feels good to be right especially when it is between sisters, believe me, but that doesn’t help my slighted nephew one bit.

So this year I understand that he is to be getting a new desk top computer for his birthday on the 23rd. A real fancy special type that he can do a lot of his school work and tons of special effects which he utilizes with all the videos and other technical stuff that he is always busy at these days. I guess it’s better than running the streets right? No really, he is a whiz on the computer and belongs to several clubs at school and The Boys and Girls Club in town as well as traveling around with numerous competitions for other stuff he is involved in. I can’t even keep up with it anymore and gave up trying some time back.

So since he is cramped for space, as most of us are, I am looking into buying him a good quality wall mount computer station that he would like and hopefully appreciate since things like this don’t always come cheap. It will be money well spent especially since I’m going to try and get our other sister to help pitch in which will make it a lot easier to handle. You know the older all the kids get the bigger the price tags of their gift get bigger right along side of them. I remember being able to buy 2 or 3 plastic toy trucks for under $10 for this same nephew. Of course they made a noise and the wheels spun around. Man didn’t he love playing with those trucks . . . .