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I Miss My RCA Nipper

When I was a little girl, we used to take Lee Highway to go around the Northern Virginia suburbs. When we got close to Merrifield, which is in the county of Fairfax. We would always see this huge figure of Nipper, the dog. Nipper was the mascot for RCA records.

I loved watching this big dog and the record player from the back seat of my Daddy’s car as we drove by, I’d heard conflicting stories with various tidbits of information concerning just exactly where Nipper is hanging out these days. I hate to admit it but I don’t believe Nipper is there any more. But it was fun to find these old photo of a childhood landmark. Maybe I’ll do a quick bit of research online and see if I can find any thing that fix my curiosity.

famous dog

RAC Loves Nipper


a talking machine

His Master’s Voice







So before logging off here just now, I spent a few minutes looking for the Nipper which I remember specifically resided for a good long while in Merrifield. I had no idea how many statues of Nipper there really are out there on many a roof tops. Only a very few pictures are available of the one I remember and I just found one. Still don’t know where he is but it’s nice to know that I remember correctly.

nipper sitting

My Nipper Back In The Day – in Merrifield, VA

The Kindness Of Strangers

A few friends and I went out last month, to a small bar where everyone in town goes to get a away for a night to sit back and have some drinks, good talks and good laughs. When we arrived there we noticed there was a couple guys setting up instruments and a microphone and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were invited or just quickly setting up hoping the owner wouldn’t notice since he was in the kitchen in the far back end of the the building. Before no time at all, they had everything set up and started jamming out, and it sounded good, I mean extremely good.

After one song of theirs, the owner walked out and started clapping and yelled out “we need some more of that!” So I assumed they weren’t invited and showed up as a surprise jam hoping to get some fans, which they most certainly did. After a few songs they took a break to sit and enjoy some conversation with some of the locals and a nice cold beer. I over heard one of the guitar players talk about how his amp wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted it to do and I remembered my sons Randall amplifier that I had just gotten him for Christmas last year for his guitar. As well as some nice bd (black diamond)011 gauge acoustic guitar strings for his other guitar that he has had since he was 8, so he has gone through some guitar strings so I try and keep up with where to get the best deals for guitar needs and wants.

I got up and sat next to him to let him know I knew where to get an extremely great deal for a amp that is extremely popular and he might want to check it out online like I did before I purchased it. He thanked me and ended up slipping me a fifty dollar bill and a phone number for the kindness. I was totally baffled on such a sweet gesture. I told him no thank you but thanks anyways, and my friends and I ended up having to leave since all of us had an early work day the following day.

Before we left I heard him dedicate a song to our little chat they were about to play that he announced was called “kindness of a stranger” I had a big smile on my face and was happy to help him out. Hopefully he enjoys the sound of the Randall amplifier as much as my son does, I’m sure he will and he will be happy to see what a great price it’s going for online at Musicians Friend.

Skin Lightening Treatments

Last week I was watching some late night talk show that had the great Janet Jackson on. I haven’t seen the beautiful Janet Jackson in a while so I was glad to see that she is still around, busy as ever and looking great. I know how hard her brother’s (Michael Jackson) death was on the entire family, but they are still standing strong and plan on still entertaining the world the way they all ways have through out the years.

I couldn’t help wonder if she was using some type of skin lightening product, much like the skin lightening treatments that Michael became famous for using. The pictures of the both of them from back in the day definitely look like a skin lightening product has been used as well as a good amount of plastic surgery all the way around. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with cosmetic surgery or skin lightening products. I just wish that they were more up front and honest about it, when it is so apparent to everyone that their appearances have been altered. It’s really no big deal now a days. I do believe you would be hard put to find a celebrity that hasn’t tried to alter their looks.

Tuesday Night is TV Night

Tuesday night is the one night of the week that I try to be sure to be home to watch my favorite TV shows. The start at 7 and run until after midnight. So I like to have take out food for dinner and I can settle in the living room to relax and watch the TV with whoever wants to sit with me and be quiet. Since most folks don’t like to be quite I generally spend Tuesday evenings alone.

The best part of Tuesday night is the Sons of Anarchy series on the FX channel. The show is close to real drama about a biker gang in California. It has a lot of technical inconsistencies and things that would never ever happen in a real biker gang, but at least it doesn’t show them as the comedic neanderthal thugs that most TV shows and movies portray the bikers. I enjoy watching it each week. I hear that it might be coming to an end after this season. I try not to dwell on that idea but I can tell you that if and when that happens I will not be a happy camper until I find another show that gives me as much entertainment pleasure.

20 Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

It is a shame that so many people are turning to plastic surgery since there are so many horror stories out there of botched jobs that have ruined people’s looks, lives and careers. If you get a chance to watch this video of the E channels 20 Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery where you can see some pretty outrageous faces and bodies that plastic surgery has screwed up, big time. What a shame. Imagine all the money that these people wasted (of course they can afford it without a second thought) and look at what it got them.

You couldn’t pay me to get any type of plastic surgery unless of course due to an accident I became disfigured and it was a necessity to get me to look like myself (or as close as possible) once again.