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New Red Wing Boots Thanks to Scooter

Looks like I’m going to have to buy another pair of women’s red wing boots, since Scooter (our dog) decided that he didn’t appreciate being left alone in the house this afternoon while we all enjoyed a nice picnic with several family members outside with this beautiful weather that we have been blessed with this weekend. Scooter has never done anything like this before, usually I let him outside with us but for some reason that didn’t happen and now I’ve got to find some new work boots and fast.

If I can get hubby off of his favorite site on the computer called “put this on” I might be able to find a pair and get them ordered in a timely fashion with some of the money that I have left from this week’s paycheck. Having to use this money to replace my boots will certainly take away from my lunch money for the next two weeks. Looks like I’ll be packing home made lunches for a while, sigh.

Koolaburra Savannity Boots On Top Of List

Now these Koolaburra Savannity Boots are a must have for me for this Christmas. I have been looking for some time now for boots just like these and about fell off of my chair when I stumbled onto these last night. These come in three colors, Seta, Black and Chestnut. Years ago I would have fallen for the Chestnut, but now I think the black would be a better choice for me. I don’t have all that much in browns these days, but I always have plenty of black and most things go with black so it is a much safer color in my wardrobe and for my age.

sheepsking koolaburra savannity boots

koolaburra savannity boots made of sheepskin

I hope it isn’t too late to get the word out that I have updated my Christmas Wish List to the few friends and family members that actually ask what I want and or need for Christmas. These wonderful boots of sheepskin have managed to bully their way right on top of that list so I need to do some adjusting and quick. Like if my two sisters or a brother decide to go in together for me under the Christmas tree this year, this would be a perfect gift. I haven’t had a boot like this in so very long and I’m anxious to see how they look and how they feel.

Boots and Bootights

It looks like we just might be in for a very cold and harsh winter that is fast approaching. At night it is getting down right chilly and the leaves are turning as well as falling and it is only August for heaven’s sake. This weekend I plan on putting away a lot of my summer clothes and breaking out some of the warmer gear that I always dread having to pile on each winter.

Last winter I promised myself that I would find and buy myself some new comfortable boots for women and I have been putting it off since then. It looks like I am running out of time so I have begun to search for the perfect comfortable women’s boot via the Internet. I want something that will keep my feet not only dry, but warm and not make me look like a goon either. I think I have come up with a good pair that I found on Schuler Shoes website that will do the trick, what do you think? I think I’ll order some bootights as well.