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Morgan Silver Dollars for Birthday Gifts

There seems to be a new interest in collecting money these days among a lot of various people that I know and countless others that I don’t know that I’m hearing about as well. My youngest brother was into collecting coins many years ago and then one day he basically put everything away in his safe deposit box and tucked away the key leaving his coin collection to sit in waiting until about a year ago.

The one thing about people that collection things, it makes it easier to buy them gifts on the many gift giving occasions that come around each year. Since my brother has started enjoying his coin collection again I was thinking to buy buy morgan silver dollars as his birthday gift this year. It isn’t until July, so I have some time to check out a few places that I have in mind and see what is out there that I think will be the best deal for me as well as something that he will enjoy and appreciate.

money makes me smile

Money Can Buy Happiness


Today was spent doing my homework, reading reviews and checking out various websites that carry Ableton merchandise, so that I can make this purchase feeling good about my decision. My brother and sister wouldn’t appreciate pitching in some of their hard earned money along with mine in order to buy our much loved, respected and extremely talented in so may ways, Aunt Dorothy a great birthday present for her 55th birthday party.

Aunt Dorothy is a “one of a kind” type of person. She loves trying new things, isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, and when she speaks there is no one around that won’t be able to hear it, loud and clear. She has always had a loud voice. Now that she is starting to lose her hearing, so is even louder than ever. It used to bother us when we were kids. Going out in public with her was embarrassing, but know that we have all grown up and have embarrassing our favorite aunt through out the years, it isn’t such a bit to-do for any of us.

The Backyard Shop

An uncle of mine has been building his own shop in his backyard for a few years now, and it is just about done. He has been bragging about ever since he started his project, and had been determined to get it done as soon as he possibly could without any help. He had been only asking for help when he couldn’t find something he needed on his shop. Luckily everyone has been able to give him a hand on finding some of┬áthose things he had been needing or wanting for his shop.

Most of the time he wanted to do it all himself, but a few minor things he couldn’t find still even with some of the help everyone had given him. I asked him to write down some things he still needed help finding and he had given it to me two weeks before his birthday. I thought it would be great to find these things he wanted and/or needed for his shop, so I could wrap them up and give them to him for his birthday that was coming up.

The main item he circled was accessories for his milling machine, so immediately jumped on my computer and searched and compared prices and I had found a great site that offers amazing deals on milling machine accessories. I ordered the items he needed and when they arrived I didn’t waste any time at all wrapping the up for his birthday. On his birthday I brought his gifts to him, and he was excited to see he had so many gifts to unwrap. He started ripping the paper apart and to his surprise he had gotten all the things he needed and/or wanted and took them into his almost completed shop. He came back inside the house and handed me some money for the things he asked me to help find him, and I giggled and handed him the money back and told him happy birthday.

The smile was absolutely priceless, I couldn’t of been any happier to make my uncles day.

Mom’s Home Cooking – Enough To Go Around

I believe that most of us believe that there just isn’t any better cook in the world then your mother. I know that is the case in our family. Even though my mother is getting up there in age and can’t do some of things that she used to do, but she still enjoys cooking, especially the large family meals that we have come to expect throughout the year. All the holidays that the family gets together for and the birthday dinners that she cooks for us on “our special day” if it is your birthday you get to pick anything that you want for dinner and she will cook it just for you, just the way that you want it.

Coming from a large family, such as ours, has kept my mother pregnant and in the kitchen most of her life, but she has never complained and looks forward to many more years doing what she does best in her kitchen. She has always wanted a larger refrigeration and freezer system and now it seems as if she just might get some of the things that she has always wished for because she has come up with a plan to start a small catering business that will require some upgrading to the house here and there. Of course she will need various catering supplies as well, so I have consented to go over there and help her look around online for some of the equipment that she will be wanting and needing to get going in this adventure that she is so looking forward to diving into as soon as possible.

Hello April

April is a sad month for me but it is tempered by Spring and other good things.

Three of grandparents had birthdays in the month of April and all of my granparents passed many years ago. I do have many wonderful memories of them, and I find myself reflecting on their lives and their influence on me as I was growing up.

My maternal grandmother was very close to my soul mate. She was outgoing and fun loving and I miss her all year around.

My paternal grandmother was the very opposite of me. She was content to be home, keeping house and raising children. She adored her husband and was married to him for over 60 years, through good times and bad. That in itself is inspiring.

My paternal grandfather was also born in April. He was very much like my father, a musician and entertainer by nature. He worshipped my grandmother and always told anyone who would listen that he was a very lucky man to have found my grandmother and won her heart. Unfortunately he passed away several years before my grandmother and she never considered trying to meet another man. She was happy with him and was convinced that she would never meet another man as great as he was.

So here’s a toast to my three grandparents who’s birthdays all shared the month of April.