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Baby Showers

I remember when I looked up the History of baby showers when I was put in charge of the baby shower games and prizes for a large surprise baby shower. This particular celebration was being held for one of my co workers that worked with me in the HR department, which was a fairly large department so we expected a good amount of people to attend. We invited her family, her best friend as well as her husband (who actually brought his mother along as well) so we ended up with almost 50 people, that is a big baby shower to put on.

Anyway, I spent a good amount of time online looking for all kinds of information and help with the task that I was selected to take care of. Seeing all of the new born baby products that they have these days and how cute all those little tiny things look always gets to me, so soft and fluffy, sweet pastel colors and designs tend to bring out those feelings of wanting to have a baby. I mean really those adorable baby animal hats that are all the rage these days! You have to understand that I am a hat freak to start with so having a baby to adorn their little heads with all the little hats as well, it’s just too wild not to think and dream about.

Then after the baby shower was all done and over with, the mother-to-be was very happy with customized baby blankets that I had special ordered and gave to her and the tons of other stuff that she walked out of there with, I went to the grocery store on my way home. Standing in line behind me was a mother dealing with her bratty and out of control two year old and her newborn that was not happy about being there one bit. So after hearing all of that commotion I can tell you that I snapped out of the very strong and ever growing urge to have another baby – real quick like!

A Good Kid

It looks like I’ll be seeing what I can find online by way of University of Alabama shirts to send to my nephew for his 17th birthday. He is so excited about attending the University of Alabama next year when he is all said and done with graduating high school in a short few months. In order to keep the excitement alive in him I thought that he would appreciate some Alabama apparel for him to sport as this year’s birthday gift.

It will be different around here when he leaves in the Spring, he is the last of boys in family that are still around. The remaining minor children in the family are all female, not that I have a problem with that mind you. It is just strange how things have shifted throughout the years from guys being the majority for so long and how it has gradually turned female.

He is a good kid, gave his mom, my kid sister, a hard time for a few years, but he has managed to pull it together, getting better grades and cut way back on his partying lifestyle that can really ruin a kid. So I’m so glad that he managed to turn it all around and will be heading out for college in less than 5 months.

Walking With Macina

Last night I had dinner at my best friends house, something that we try very hard to do and actually accomplish at least once a month. It gets me out and away from my “duties” at home for anevening, I get to spend quality time with my BFF as well as spending some time with my 2 year old god-daughter, Macina who I just adore, totally. After eating dinner I always take Macina for a short walk while the dishes are being taken care of, since I’m a guest I’m not allowed in the kitchen for any type of clean up duty, which is just fine with me.

Last night was the first night in a long time that we had a nice breeze going on and there were a lot more people out and about for a change due to the long over due break in the extreme heat that we have been dealing with for so long this summer. So to celebrate we actually walked over to the ice cream parlor where she got a free “kiddie cone” and I enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cone for the walk back where Macina enjoyed looking into the many store front windows that we passed to see what was going on in all of them.

She was really attracted to this one store that appeared to be empty of anything other than a few tables, some chairs and a good amount of people that were just seeming to be milling around the place. While Macina had her nose pressed onto the glass, I read on the door a home made looking sign with the word Herbalife printed on it, so I figured there was some type of meeting going on to do with the Northern Virginia Herbalife Distributors in the area and was impressed on how many people were in there. After Macina had her fill of that scene we started to move on down the strip when we heard a voice calling out behind us, so I turned around to see a young lady walking very fast trying to catch up to us so I stopped to see what in the world was going on.

She was a sweet girl, couldn’t be a day over 12, actually had a dress on and not the jeans that we tend to see on almost every kid in America. Anyway she was inviting us to come back with her and find out more about the Herbalife Diet, which I thought was very brave of her as well as nice of her to offer, but I had to turn her down. Macina was over due for a diaper change and her mother would really freak out if we didn’t get back to her apartment in our usual time frame, so just wasn’t the right time. Too bad, it might have been interesting, so I’ve decided to check out Herbalife Online and see what it’s all about when I have some play time on the computer.


Once in a while now there will be a bit of a  chill in the air when the sun goes down, And during these hot summer months my body goes crazy when it’s been hot and then I go into a place that has their a/c on full blast. I never go anywhere unless I have something to put on when needed. I have to dig out the sweatshirts and jackets. I have a variety of sweatshirts from events and  places visited. My favorite was a dark green sweatshirt from the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. It was stolen off of me – wrapped around my waist – as I crossed a busy street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras several years ago,. That was freaky – to have your clothes ripped right off of your body in broad daylight.

I just realized that I don’t have a single hoodie. All of my sweatshirts are regular crew neck shirts. Not that it was by design. I guess I’ve never been interested in hoodies.

I Love Parades

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved parades. The town that we lived in while growing up always had a huge Halloween parade that was a major event and was the talk of the town months before and many months after.

My favorite part of the parade was when the marching bands would pass us by playing all the wonderful music that high school bands are known for playing. For some reason I would (and still do) get all emotional when I would hear and see these bands perform.

One year my brother was in the parade playing his marching snare drums with the local high school marching band and we couldn’t have been prouder. Good times and good memories.