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The Removal of Grease

I have always been a dirt magnet for as long as I can remember. It used to drive my mother crazy with all the clean up that required when I was around and involved. And as far as clothes go, I gave up on wearing anything white decades ago because that is just asking for trouble where I am concerned. I have ruined more clothes in my life time that anybody has a right to for goodness sake.

Since I am not what you would call a girly girl and enjoy getting my hands dirty I have had to learn how to clean myself up along with all the other messes that always seem to make where ever I go, sigh…..One thing that I have learned to try and stay away from is grease since it can be a real pain to deal with in so many areas. I love that WD-40 has come out with a No Mess Pen that you can carry in your purse or pocket. As you know trying to remove grease can be tricky.

A Sad State Of Affairs On Today’s Roads

I couldn’t believe my eyes today on my way home from work, there was a guy on the side of the ride and he had his thumb out, hitch hiking for a ride. I can’t remember the last time I have seen some one brave enough (or desperate enough) to actually try and hitch a ride. These days that is just suicide for the person looking for a ride and for anyone dumb enough to pick one up. There is no way you would ever catch me doing either one.

This is a different day and age for people traveling on our roads, highways and interstates, your best bet is to have a good emergency roadside assistance plan in case you find yourself in trouble for any number of reasons and you certainly don’t want to jeopardize any one’s safety by picking up a perfectly good stranger for any reason. A sad state of affairs I’m afraid.

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Hitch Hiker

Leap Year Facts

I have become reacquainted with an old friend from Junior High School from signing up and starting putting my information on Facebook. This old friend will be celebrated his un-birthday last month, he is Leap Year Birthday baby and this year was no Leap Year! I have to say that he is the first person that I really have known that was born on Leap Year, so I went online and spent a few minutes researching Leap Year and I wish that I had had more time because there was so much to read and see that it would take hours and hours are not something that I have a lot of spares of these days.

Anyway, I did find this one interesting site that I copied and pasted the following from:

There’s 7 days a week, a Leap Year every 4 years, so every 28 years,

Leap Day falls on the same day, and that day occurs 5 times that month.

It happens every 28 years. This is a cycle that began in 1904 and ends in 2096.

This pattern works so long as there is a Leap Year every 4 years…

In 2100, the pattern will be broken, and a new 28 year cycle starts in 2104.

Guess that esplains it, right……LOL