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Walking With Macina

Last night I had dinner at my best friends house, something that we try very hard to do and actually accomplish at least once a month. It gets me out and away from my “duties” at home for anevening, I get to spend quality time with my BFF as well as spending some time with my 2 year old god-daughter, Macina who I just adore, totally. After eating dinner I always take Macina for a short walk while the dishes are being taken care of, since I’m a guest I’m not allowed in the kitchen for any type of clean up duty, which is just fine with me.

Last night was the first night in a long time that we had a nice breeze going on and there were a lot more people out and about for a change due to the long over due break in the extreme heat that we have been dealing with for so long this summer. So to celebrate we actually walked over to the ice cream parlor where she got a free “kiddie cone” and I enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cone for the walk back where Macina enjoyed looking into the many store front windows that we passed to see what was going on in all of them.

She was really attracted to this one store that appeared to be empty of anything other than a few tables, some chairs and a good amount of people that were just seeming to be milling around the place. While Macina had her nose pressed onto the glass, I read on the door a home made looking sign with the word Herbalife printed on it, so I figured there was some type of meeting going on to do with the Northern Virginia Herbalife Distributors in the area and was impressed on how many people were in there. After Macina had her fill of that scene we started to move on down the strip when we heard a voice calling out behind us, so I turned around to see a young lady walking very fast trying to catch up to us so I stopped to see what in the world was going on.

She was a sweet girl, couldn’t be a day over 12, actually had a dress on and not the jeans that we tend to see on almost every kid in America. Anyway she was inviting us to come back with her and find out more about the Herbalife Diet, which I thought was very brave of her as well as nice of her to offer, but I had to turn her down. Macina was over due for a diaper change and her mother would really freak out if we didn’t get back to her apartment in our usual time frame, so just wasn’t the right time. Too bad, it might have been interesting, so I’ve decided to check out Herbalife Online and see what it’s all about when I have some play time on the computer.

Blender Drinks

When I was young and frisky, blender drinks meant an alcoholic beverage that we ordered from the bar while catting around the bars and clubs on the weekends. A blender drink was usually a Daiquiri or a Margarita, served in large stemware with fruit garnishes and sometimes, if you were lucky, even little chinese umbrellas spearing the fruit and resting on the edge of the glass.

Nowadays a blender drink means a healthy substitute for a meal. I use fresh orange juice and crushed ice as a base, and add whatever fruits and sometimes vegetables that I have on hand, usually at the least a banana and strawberries. But it can be apples, pears, blueberries, blackberries, or grapefruit.

If fresh fruit is hard to come by, I pull a handful of something good from my freezer or dump a can of something packed in light syrup from the pantry shelves. A few minutes in the blender and I have a tall cold drink that I can take with me on the run. It isn’t hard to come up with nice looking garnish that is good for your health as well.

looking good enough to eat

Love Garnishings


Once in a while now there will be a bit of a  chill in the air when the sun goes down, And during these hot summer months my body goes crazy when it’s been hot and then I go into a place that has their a/c on full blast. I never go anywhere unless I have something to put on when needed. I have to dig out the sweatshirts and jackets. I have a variety of sweatshirts from events and  places visited. My favorite was a dark green sweatshirt from the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. It was stolen off of me – wrapped around my waist – as I crossed a busy street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras several years ago,. That was freaky – to have your clothes ripped right off of your body in broad daylight.

I just realized that I don’t have a single hoodie. All of my sweatshirts are regular crew neck shirts. Not that it was by design. I guess I’ve never been interested in hoodies.

Baby Sign Language

I just finished reading “The Baby Book,” by Dr. William Sears. I love this book, and plan to buy a copy for any and all of my friends who have babies. One thing I read that really intrigues me is the idea of teaching a baby to communicate with sign language.

Basically, what it said is that babies can communicate much earlier than they can speak with actual words, and if you teach your baby sign language, they can tell you what they want and need even when they don’t know how to talk yet.

It assured me that this would help, rather than hinder, my baby’s oral language development. I don’t know any signs, though! I know I could find signs and pictures of signs online, so I’m going to see if we can print off pictures of all the signs to display around the house.

Summer Vacation

School is almost out. Next Wednesday is the last full day of school and then the kids go Thursday long enough to pick up their final report cards and clean out their lockers. I think all the library books have been rounded up and turned in. So we are good to go! Bring on the summer!

get ready for the summer

The Last Day of School