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Plastic Tubing

Looking at all of the buyheatshrink plastic tubing with my sister gave me one heck of a headache. I am not used to standing behind someone while they are in the “driver’s seat” of a computer for more than a few minutes at a time. But since sis was trying so hard to find the best product for the best deal in order to score some points for her brother-in-law. He has been real cranky this past month or so. It suck that everyone has to walk around like they are literally walking on egg shells.

I have just tried to avoid any kind of contact with him. A much easier task for me since I don’t live with him. Although I do spend a good amount of time over there to see and be around my sis and their kids.


Pet Allergies

This time of year gets really expensive for pet care. All the bugs have come out, so the dogs need a monthly heartworm pill, a monthly dose of Frontline for fleas and ticks, and my poor Buck and Buster both get grass and weed allergies so they need monthly allergy shots.

Buster has seizures and needs a daily dose of anti-convulsive pills – twice a day. So add the annual rabies and other pet tests and doses, and having a couple of dogs can run your monthly bills up quite a bit. But my dogs are well worth every penny – they are like my kids and deserve good medical care.

Beating The Heat Wearing My Scrubs

I am so happy with the scrub medical uniforms that I recently ordered from the link that my sister sent me to wear this summer. As I have written about before the extreme heat this summer was taking it’s toll on me and making me not want to leave the house and the air conditioner. Every thing that I own and have in my closet just wasn’t cutting it and my sister was tired of hearing me complain about it. That is when she came up with the idea of me wearing scrubs. They are light weight and come in many styles, colors and designs these days so it wasn’t hard to find some that I thought I could get by in wearing out about in public.

One of my concerns about wearing these scrubs is that I didn’t want people to think I was mocking our medical professionals by wearing their clothes while not really being in the medical field. But my sister convinced me not to worry about that. If someone were to ask me what I do or where I work I could always come up with some crazy believable story or actually come clean and admit to wearing these comfortable due to my problems dealing with the heat. I mean really, it isn’t as if there is a law against it and it isn’t like I really care what most people think anyway, especially people that most likely will never see again anyway.

Thanks sis, you were right once again!

A Good Nights Sleep

Some times I like shopping and some times it is a real challenge. I have found that there are plenty of good deals on so many products online that it is usually the first place to look for a good amount of items. I found some great custom mattress deals earlier this morning. I have been trying to find the perfect mattress for my bed for a while now and I fear that if I don’t buy one soon that I will need to see my primary care doctor to get a good night’s sleep.

There are many varieties of mattresses on the market that it only makes sense to spend some time online finding out all the information needed to make an educated decision before handing out any of my hard earned money. These memory foam mattresses have had my attention for the last couple of years. I hear that they have new and improved ones out that I think I will go ahead and place my order. I really need a good nights sleep for a change.

Strange Things Happen At The Grocery Store To Me

The weirdest thing happened in the grocery store last night. I was cruising up and down the aisles and ended up in the same aisle as a guy that appeared to have a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth. I have to say that I did a double take, I mean it isn’t often that you see someone smoking in a grocery store these days. But then I noticed that I didn’t smell that nasty smelling odor that generally comes with a lit cigarette. I must have had a puzzled look on my face because the guy looked at me and started laughing, didn’t I feel like an idiot?

As it turns out what he was doing was using one of those new electronic cigarette products that I have seen being advertised, which I think is a pretty cool idea. This guy was telling me that this e cigarette, as he called it, has made him cut down a whole heck of a lot and that pretty soon this electric cigarette will allow him to put down the whole smoking habit within another month or two at the rate he was going. I thanked him for taking the time to explain it all to me and wished him all the luck in the world and continued with my shopping with a big grin on my face!