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Summer Vacation

School is almost out. Next Wednesday is the last full day of school and then the kids go Thursday long enough to pick up their final report cards and clean out their lockers. I think all the library books have been rounded up and turned in. So we are good to go! Bring on the summer!

get ready for the summer

The Last Day of School

Getting the Pool Ready for This Summer

When we first moved here, my neighbor across the street was nice enough to invite us over to use his pool a few times. We had a really hot summer, and although the Lake is close by, the lake water is much dirtier than a pool or a hot tub, so I like spending a few hours floating and splashing around in a pool.
This year he told me that the trouble he’s had with replacing pool heat pumps is going to make for a later start to using his pool this season. At least he has a good source for them and it will be fixed soon.
I saw this photo online and just had to share it, although the story isn’t true, in my situation, it still sparked something in me that felt good.
sneaking into the pool

The Neighbor and his Pool

Coffee or Tea

Ever since we were so sick around here for over a week, I’ve been drinking green tea. It’s gotten so I don’t even have a taste for coffee anymore.

I had heard that green tea does a lot of healthy things for you but I am now living proof.

The assorted age spots that have been gradually appearing on my hands these past couple of years have faded away. You can’t see them at all – and I do believe that it’s thanks to the green tea. We shall see!

If It Is Still Dark Out, I Should Be Sleeping

I hate mornings. I come from a family of night owls that dates back as far as anyone can remember so I got it honestly. As much as I love the sunshine I would do just fine if I slept all day and was up all night for the rest of my live, not a hard thing to do these days with so many options to work other than the typical Monday РFriday 9 Р5.

typical night owl

Night Owl

Hot Tub Spa Covers Are Important

Hot tub spa covers are en extremely important aspect of having a hot tub, especially if yours is one of the popular outside spas that people are spending so much time in these days. I have always dreamed of having my own hot tub out back, water is such an important therapeutic option for me, I fear I would never want to do anything other than soak my aching body and all my troubles away and I’d become extremely anti social, preferring my hot tub over just about anyone!

hot spa covers

Cover Your Spa For Safety