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Youth Is Wasted On The Young

My sister has always been jealous that I was the only one that took ballet, jazz and tap dance classes when we were kids. From what I remember, out mother asked both of my sisters if they wanted to participate and at that time they both declined and I was the only one that took her up on her offer.

I managed to take this dance lessons up until the age of 14. At that point I was all about trying to fit in with the crowd and convinced myself that taking dance lessons just wasn’t cool and so I dropped out. Of course now I realize that I should have continued and that it didn’t matter one bit to the “cool crowd” and I wasted all of those years and classed all for nothing.

One of my favorite quotes is “It too bad that youth is wasted on the young”. I can’t tell you how many times I have kicked myself in the butt for dropping out of dance class. But you can’t change the past no matter what and how you feel about things.

So my sister has been looking for Ballet in Southlake, TX so that she can get her daughter into dance classes now that my niece is 7 years old and is looking into getting into some type of after school activity. My niece doesn’t seem to be into any of the typical sports that kids her age find interesting enough to invest her time and energy into. So I think dance lessons would be a great way to go for her. I hope that they find a good dance instructor and that my niece will learn to appreciate all the great things that can go along with all types of dances.


The Hard Need For A Water Softener

I have finally had about enough of the hard water issues that we have been dealing with since moving in her years ago. Seriously I don’t know why I have even waited this long to look into purchasing a decent water softener that will help in so many areas for all of us. The staining is my major issue, while my daughter has severe dry skin problems that is being blamed on the hard water as well.

Gonna start looking around online, after the Christmas and New Year holidays are over and done with, and seeing what good deals I can come up with, it’s all about the money folks!

Lingerie To Spice Things Up A Bit

Once in a while I find myself in the mood to wear something to bed that makes me feel as if I look fantastic. If you want to see some wonderful lingerie that is online to purchase you can click here for lingerie ideas. I am as guilty as the next married woman who has become comfortable in what they wear and have gotten past the point of really caring what we wear and how we project ourselves.

By just taking a little effort along with some imagination you can do wonders to brighten up the most dull relationships out there. There are the babydolls, the Teddies and of course garters, depending on what type of mood you find yourself in. I have even put up with the wearing of a thong for an evening that worked like magic later on. I didn’t think that I would ever consent to wearing a thong, nor a g-strap, but you never know what you will end up doing to spice things up a bit in your relationship.

Skin Lightening Treatments

Last week I was watching some late night talk show that had the great Janet Jackson on. I haven’t seen the beautiful Janet Jackson in a while so I was glad to see that she is still around, busy as ever and looking great. I know how hard her brother’s (Michael Jackson) death was on the entire family, but they are still standing strong and plan on still entertaining the world the way they all ways have through out the years.

I couldn’t help wonder if she was using some type of skin lightening product, much like the skin lightening treatments that Michael became famous for using. The pictures of the both of them from back in the day definitely look like a skin lightening product has been used as well as a good amount of plastic surgery all the way around. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with cosmetic surgery or skin lightening products. I just wish that they were more up front and honest about it, when it is so apparent to everyone that their appearances have been altered. It’s really no big deal now a days. I do believe you would be hard put to find a celebrity that hasn’t tried to alter their looks.

Conveyor Belt Memories

Funny how you remember things from way back when you hear or see something that jars these old memories. Like every time I go to pop a zit or brush my teeth I think of my mom’s best friend, Ms. Jinx, who did a whole lot of baby sitting with me. She used to have this huge closet filled with towels and sheets and tons of other toiletries, with a big box of tooth brushes that really intrigued me for some reason. Then later in my preteen years when I started having to deal with my face breaking out, she is the one that told me to put a hot, wet wash cloth on the zit which brings it to a head which makes it so much easier to pop.

Another thing that reminds me of Ms. Jinx is when I see one of those roller conveyors. She used to take us to the grocery store with us, I think it was a Safeway. This store had one of those carton flow racks that you would put your filled grocery bags on that would take them on the conveyor and roll them outside for you to pick up after you brought your car up to the door. It was the only store that ever had something like this and it just fascinated me. I always wanted to sit on that thing and ride it outside myself, which I’m sure tons of other kids wanted to do the same exact thing. Maybe that did happen and some one got hurt and that is why they eventually took the whole thing out and hired a bagger.

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