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Today’s Skin Care Products

Something that I really have not been taking seriously is the Skin Care Products that I used to rely on back in my younger days when I was so totally into myself and my appearance. All the time and money that was used on various Acne Products just blows my mind when I think of it, good thing that there are new and improved Skin Care Products on the market these days that I need to start looking into for me now. Funny how when you get to my age there are so many other things that take over our lives that we tend to put our own needs and wants on the back burner.

One thing that worries me is the thought of getting those dreaded Age Spots that so many women, many in my own immediate family, have to deal with. So I am going to start looking into what Skin Care Products are out there just for Age Spots and get a jump on the whole deal in an effort to be Age Spots free when my time comes to start dealing with those issues. I’ll keep you posted on how it all pans out!

Now That Just Makes Good Sense

I’m glad that they have finally found a way for the kids that still take a shower after gym to dry their hair before heading back to another class or to go home. Back when I was in school we had to take a shower after gym and dealing with a wet head for the rest of the day was a total nightmare! Now a days it isn’t mandatory, but the showers are still available to use, only now you have the option to use those heavy duty commercial hand dryers that you see in so many restrooms these days, that they can use to blow dry their hair.

I never would have thought to use one of those restroom hand dryers to dry my hair, but it makes sense to me, it is just a blow dryer that is attached to the wall. I always use the air hand dryers when I use a public restroom, but I do like having paper towels as well to use to open the door to exit them with. You can imagine all the nasty germs that are just waiting on those doors from all the people that don’t wash their hands before leaving, it all most makes me sick just thinking about it.

Today was the first day of school and my daughter took a picture of the hand dryers that were installed over the summer with her cell phone.

Mom is Lonely

Sometimes I feel so guilty for living so far away from my mom. She lives in Florida where I grew up, and I live with my husband and kids in Washington, DC. She likes to be on her own, but I worry about her. When I speak to her on the phone I get the feeling all she does all day is sit by herself and watch the TV.

She has a few friends but they are all busy spending time with their own families. I have invited her to come and live with us several times, but she says DC is too cold for her and she never wants to live here. I hope that eventually she will decide to come and live with me, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

I try to visit her as much as I can, but it’s hard to make the trip that often. It’s expensive to fly the whole family down there and we can’t always afford it. I guess if she needed us she would call, so I try to put it out of my head and do the best I can. My husband says that maybe in a few years he will start looking for a job in Florida. I hope that actually happens so I can help my mom and enjoy much warmer weather!

Bad Make Up

I rarely wear a full face of makeup any more. It is just a waste of time and expensive chemicals to paint a face that never steps out the door. So, unless I am going someplace where my appearance is an important part of the outing, I just don’t wear it any more.

But today I had to go to a restaurant to meet friends who used to work with me. I wanted to fit in with them, as they are all still gainfully employed and still have to dress to impress.

So I dug out my makeup bag from the dresser drawer and commenced to applying makeup to my face. Sadly, some of the makeup has actually turned bad – the foundation bottle that I used burned my face, made it itch and caused a rash. So I had to toss that out and wash it off. Then the eyeliner was so dried out and clumpy that I could not use it. And then the lipstick burned my lips. The whole exercise was a disaster!

Back Pain Issues

It is good to hear that my in-laws are registering for a Back pain seminar that is scheduled in Dallas Texas on March 17th, which is only a few months away. They were both in a pretty serious car accident about 4 years ago and neither one of them has ever recovered from it. Most days they both experience back and neck pain and have run through plenty of doctors and various medicines, tests, therapies which none have done either one of them a bit of good.  I can only hope that this back pain seminar provides them with something that will help them get through their days and nights without so much pain and discomfort. They are good people and don’t deserve this hard ship.