Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where’s The Beef?

Old Ladies and their funny commercials.

They just don’t make them that way anymore!

Just Try It

My parents always insisted that we try a new food. If we didn’t like it, we didn’t have to eat it. But we had to try it. That is a good policy for other things, too. At least try it once.

Remember the old Alka-Seltzer commercials that made the statement “Try It, You’ll Like It!” It came out right about when the commercials with the old lady asking “Where’s The Beef?”

Sing with the King

Last week, Sony BMG Music Entertainment created a Web site that allows anyone with a decent voice to record “Blue Christmas” as a duet with Elvis Presley. As a promotion for the new “Elvis Presley Christmas Duets” album, Martina McBride’s part is cut out and you sing in her place.

The promo web site is singwiththeking dot com, with a link to order your copy of the actual Duets album and a phone number with a special access code so you can sing with Elvis over the phone. If you like the recording, you can send it in a Christmas e-card to friends and family. But if you can’t match Martina’s voice, you have the option to send the original duet instead.

It sounds like fun!

Buy The Right Tarp The First Time Around

I know that I had some tarps out in one of the sheds some where. I have a lot of yard work that needs to be done that I haven’t been able to do because of all of the rain we have been dealing with and I always have a need for a tarp or two, or three,¬†for this autumn/winter time chore. Since I can’t seem to lay my hands on a single one I have to decided to order a couple online from which has the largest selection of tarps that I’ve ever seen. I don’t want or need anything fancy, but I do want quality and I don’t mind paying to get it. I have wasted enough money buying items just like this at the dollar store or at the local discount flea market that is famous for selling cheap products.

I also refuse to buy and use those outrageously bright and obnoxious looking blue tarps that you see in a lot of people’s yards, drive ways and carports that people use to protect things from the weather. I totally hate seeing them, they are such an eye sore and I couldn’t imagine ever using one or more of these tarps when there are plenty of other tarp options out there to choose from. I personally like the clear tarps. They do the job of protecting things from water and weather conditions but also allow you to see what is under them so you don’t have to guess or try to move the tarp to see. Unless you are trying to keep what is under there “under wraps” there is no reason to have to have to look at an ugly looking tarp day in and day out.

So if I order myclear tarps this weekend I should have them by next weekend, which will work out just fine. I just hope we have a few nice weekends ahead of use before it starts getting to darned cold out. By that time I want the place looking good and ready to enjoy for the rest of the fall and winter season that we have all been waiting for over this long hard summer that took it’s toll on so many of us.