No Two Cells Are Alike

Here I thought the conversation was about researching information about the new cell phones that are out on the market these days, when I walked into the break room yesterday for lunch. I just plopped myself down in an empty chair and barged right on in chattering on about my new cell phone that came with a two year contract with AT&T and how much I wish I had never up graded and kept my old phone. I’ve had this piece of useless technology for nine months now and I’m still clueless on most of what it is supposed to be doing for me. The worse part is that if any part of my face touches any where on that big screen all kinds of wacky things start happening and I’m just done with talking with my phone literally up side down to keep it away from my face.

Little did I know that my fellow co workers were not talking about cell phones but were actually discussing atcc cell line authentication which is something that one of our managers is in the process of researching for some of the health issues that she is dealing with of her husband. Now didn’t I feel like an idiot when everyone just sat there looking at me when I stopped talking about my cell phone, when they had been talking about DNA and other cell related technologies. LOL!