Where to Buy TOMS Shoes In NYC

The TOMS shoes brand has become wildly popular in the last few years and for a good reason!  Not only do the shoes look cute they are also helping impoverished children throughout the world.  TOMS creates shoes for women, men and kids in all types of colors and styles.  There are classic styles, ballet flats, wedges, cordones, and boots with different patterns, colors and textures.  From canvas, to crochet and glitter TOMS shoes seem to have a style for everyone.  TOMS is a for-profit company based in California but TOMS shoes are also sold in NYC.  The company designs and sells shoes based on the Argentine alpargata design as well as eyewear.

TOM’s business model is referred to as the “one for one concept,” referring to the company’s promise to deliver a pair of free, new shoes to a child in need for every sale of their fashion shoes retail product.  The free shoes are sent to countries including Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa and the United States.  The company uses word-of-mouth advocacy for much of its sales, centering its business focus on corporate social responsibility.  “Friends of Toms” recruits volunteers to help in the shoe distributions in foreign countries.  Toms has given away over one million pairs of shoes including shoes made from recycled materials in 40 countries.  Toms are sold at more than 500 stores nationwide and can be found at Infinity Shoes.  The locations include: Infinity Shoes, Forecast Footwear, Walker & Whyte NYC Footwear, Saga Footwear and Miz Mooz @ Grand Street shoes, all located in New York City.