Shapeez – 360 Degree Perfection

I have never been a fan of wearing a bra, in fact I hate it and I do everything and anything that I can in an effort not to have to wear one if I can get away with it. I gave up years ago trying to find the Best Bra. I can’t tell you how many bras I have tried on throughout the years in all kinds of stores that I find myself venturing into. My sisters have even given up on finding a bra that I will consent to wearing. I have drawers full of hand-me-down bras from them, my mother, my step mother and even a few from my best friend that they have felt that I could wear.

I have been seeing and hearing about the new Shapeez bras that are all the rage. The Today Show even did a spot on this new Seamless shape wear solution, which is why I have gone online to find out more about their garments, in hopes of finding one that I might be able to tolerate for more than just a few minutes before driving me right up the wall in discomfort and aggravation. I do believe that their  Long Tankee just might fit the bill, so I’m going to use my last gift card that I have been holding onto that I got for Christmas, and place my order online and keep my fingers crossed that I will be a happy camper and finally be able to wear a bra in comfort. That would be one for the books, as they say!