Koolaburra Savannity Boots On Top Of List

Now these Koolaburra Savannity Boots are a must have for me for this Christmas. I have been looking for some time now for boots just like these and about fell off of my chair when I stumbled onto these last night. These come in three colors, Seta, Black and Chestnut. Years ago I would have fallen for the Chestnut, but now I think the black would be a better choice for me. I don’t have all that much in browns these days, but I always have plenty of black and most things go with black so it is a much safer color in my wardrobe and for my age.

sheepsking koolaburra savannity boots

koolaburra savannity boots made of sheepskin

I hope it isn’t too late to get the word out that I have updated my Christmas Wish List to the few friends and family members that actually ask what I want and or need for Christmas. These wonderful boots of sheepskin have managed to bully their way right on top of that list so I need to do some adjusting and quick. Like if my two sisters or a brother decide to go in together for me under the Christmas tree this year, this would be a perfect gift. I haven’t had a boot like this in so very long and I’m anxious to see how they look and how they feel.