Monthly Archives: April 2012

Home Maintenance Tasks

Since it turned out to be a cold rainy day today I spent my Sunday doing paper work and some research online. I found a good site that sells good quality water pumps that I have bookmarked until I can get my dad over here to see what he thinks. It would be so much easier if he would only consent to learn how to use the Internet, sending him the link to the site and the particular pump would be a piece of cake compared to having to wait until he has the time to get over this part of town. But without his expertise on so many home maintenance I’d really be up a creek.


Summer Fare

It might not be officially summer for another two months, but let me tell you, it’s plenty hot around here. We have been taking cover from afternoon thunderstorms every day for more than a week. Last night the storms had heavy rain and hail, plus lots of lightning strikes. I was so concerned about the lightning that I unplugged the computer and the video games so that if we got hit by lightning that they would not get fried.

My Little Sister Shout Out

Once upon a time there were three sisters.

I’m the oldest. Oh yes, old is OK.  I’ve embraced my age and loving it.

Then there’s Monica and Ellen.

Then there’s a passle of brothers, but this is a sister shout out.

They both blog (see that blogroll over there?) and although we don’t see each other all that often with all these miles between us, we stay in touch with emails and phone calls and I think we’re pretty close.

Hugs to my sisters!

Busy Day!

I used to love Saturdays when the kids were little. It always meant something fun, like a trip to the beach or all those baseball games. When the weekend came, we always had someplace to go and something fun to do. I was a master at coming up with low cost or free events and adventures. Usually all I had to worry about was putting gas in the car and away we would go!

Some of my favorite memories are the days we all spent tubing down the Shenandoah River or body surfing at Chincoteague Beach. And, of course, there were many many days and nights spent at my mother’s home on the river, where the boys went fishing and swimming and boating during the day and dinners at the Dairy Queen in town.

Now my Saturdays are spent running errands and cleaning house, and if I’m not too tired, maybe a couple games of Spades on the internet before bed. But now I have my blog to add to the To-Do list, and I don’t mind making room for that at all! This blogging is pretty easy, once you get the hang of it.

Jersey Shore

We had to say good bye to the most recent Jersey Shore series the other week. It seems that it was a record season and the whole gang left their “beach party house” in good health, good moods and as best friends. I haven’t heard if they are going to continue the controversial TV hit series, I hope so. I’ve gotten to get to know them so well that I’d kind of like to keep in touch, so to speak.