Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

Yearning For an RV

Getting an RV has always been a dream and I have to admit that recently the yearning for one has been getting stronger.

We stopped by a Camper World kinda place a few years ago and I was crushed to see how expensive they can be. Not in this girl’s budget!

But if you have some cash at hand and bide your time, bargains can be had. I have been watching the sell it yourself ad books each week and there have been some good deals out there. I’m just not ready to spend that much money, what with taxes coming due and the price of gas going up a few pennies more every day.

But I have wanderlust in my genes and traveling the country by RV gives you a totally different perspective on the highways and towns on your trip than just flying in on a plane and taking a cab to the hotel. I want to see the country close up and do it while I’m young enough to enjoy the experience.