Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Maintenance Crew Trying To Maintain

This afternoon was kinda crazy due to the hydraulic hose busting on the street maintenance crew that has been working right across the street since the early morning hours this morning. There was twice as many vehicles out there that arrived to help with the mess and with the attempts to fix the damaged hydraulic hose that were depending on to complete their task at hand before up and moving on to another neighborhood that requires their expertise and time.

AFV, Still The Best

Out of all of the tv shows that are about funny/unusual videos that have become so popular through out the years, I have to say the America’s Funniest Videos is still the best out of the bunch. I very rarely agree with the choices that the judges make on which ones are the funniest, but it is still fun to watch.


Morgan Silver Dollars for Birthday Gifts

There seems to be a new interest in collecting money these days among a lot of various people that I know and countless others that I don’t know that I’m hearing about as well. My youngest brother was into collecting coins many years ago and then one day he basically put everything away in his safe deposit box and tucked away the key leaving his coin collection to sit in waiting until about a year ago.

The one thing about people that collection things, it makes it easier to buy them gifts on the many gift giving occasions that come around each year. Since my brother has started enjoying his coin collection again I was thinking to buy buy morgan silver dollars as his birthday gift this year. It isn’t until July, so I have some time to check out a few places that I have in mind and see what is out there that I think will be the best deal for me as well as something that he will enjoy and appreciate.