Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kid Brother In Dire Straights

Since I’m not able to lend my kid brother the money that he needs to get his plumbing fixed, I urged him to look on the Internet and Google “title loans Louisiana” to see if he can find a place close to where he lives that will loan him the money that he needs to take care of the problem. I hate to see him be in such dire straights but there just isn’t any money left at the end of the pay week to take care of my own issues much less his, although I would if I could.

Monday or Friday

I pick cyber Monday, no two ways about it. I went shopping on black Friday one time, about five years ago and I swore that I would never, ever try and do that again. I’ve kept that promise and intend to always keep it.

I remember last year hearing something about cyber monday, but I really didn’t understand what it was all about, I wish that I had known because it seems so easy, but you can bet that I will use it this up and coming holiday season.

My sister sent me the link and I have passed it along to my friends to pass on because it is that cool. It is real easy to purchase Cyber Monday items online that are offering sale prices and discounts from all kinds of merchants. You can even set it up to where you will get an email to alert you when new sales come up. My sister and I use several of the merchants that participate, especially around the holidays, so I’m sure lots of other people use them also, like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and I’m sure that one of my sisters will love the Urban Outfitters bargains.

Just think, no more getting up at 3:00 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving (which is such a long and tiresome holiday to begin with). No more standing in line in the cold along with hundreds of other bargain thirsty shoppers that do nothing but bitch and moan and complain the whole time you are stuck in line with them. And not having to worry about getting pushed and shoved and cursed at and no more screaming children that have no business being out at that time of the morning, who should be home in bed sleeping off the previous night’s huge turkey dinner and long drive home from Grandma’s house.

This year I’m gonna be right there – on the Internet – along with tons of other people that I don’t have to see, hear, touch or smell, participating on Cyber Monday. We will see how well I do and I want to hear how well my sisters make out also. It will be interesting, I’m really looking forward to it, but am glad that it isn’t for another 10 months from now.

Nothing on TV

It’s so hard to believe that with over 140 channels to pick from that there are times when I cannot find a single thing on the TV that I care to watch. I just switched over from cable to satellite and am for the most part very happy with what I am now able to view, but it just blows me away when I just can’t find anything on. I am the type of person that has to have the TV on almost 24/7, I can’t go to sleep without the darn thing on. My bad, I know….

Happy Birthday Wm

One of my brothers is celebrating a birthday today. It is not one of the “big ones,” but the cool think about his birthday is that I was 10 years old when he was born. And then, when my first born son was born, my brother was 10 years old. So we have me minus ten years equals my brother, and he minus ten years equals my son. That’s the family math.

Happy Birthday, William!

Safety First

It is always nice to have a two step stool on hand for times that it is really needed. The older I get the more worried I am about balancing myself on crazy things in order to reach things and how dangerous it really is as well as the damage I could cause myself from falling doing something as silly as not using something that was made for that type of situation.

One of the things that my father always tried to drill in our heads was “Safety First” and I’d hate to disappoint him by not taking heed of his words of wisdom. So I guess I need to start looking around and finding a good quality two step stool that is affordable in my already stretched budget.