Monthly Archives: January 2012

Video Teleconferencing

We got good news today at work, they are finally going to start offering video teleconferencing to several employees. No one is really sure who those employees are going to be as of yet. I really hope that I will be one of the “chosen ones” as does everyone. Video teleconferencing really is the wave of the future, it saves time and money for everyone all across the board. Just the thought of not having to deal with the daily commute, traffic and parking gets me excited.

We have been promised some more definite information come next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me out there.

Up and Down

Gas prices just drive me crazy. It’s hard to believe that on Christmas Day the price of gas finally hit under the $3 mark, $2.99  to be exact, while today it has risen to $3.49 a gallon. That is a 50 cent increase in just over a month. I hear that we could be seeing prices above the $4 a gallon mark come summer, sigh…..

What really bites is that the gas station that had gas for $2.99 was closed on Christmas day so I didn’t even get to buy any.

Go figure.

My New Keurig B70

My weekends are supposed to be the time that I can sleep in a little late, rest up and relax some. Since we are having such unusual warm weather for the middle of January I planned on getting some things done outside that could be taken care of until waiting until spring and get me out for some much welcomed fresh air.

This morning started out just wrong from the get go. My phone rang at 7:45am and then my keurig b70 coffee maker, that I just got for Christmas, went on the fritz forcing me to break out the old jar of stale instant coffee in order for me to get some much needed caffeine to get me going with the outside business at hand. If that wasn’t enough to turn me to sour, my stupid van needed a jump start to get started.

I’m done and it isn’t even noon yet….

In Need of Comfort Food

We are snowed in again. This is the third storm this winter that has affected schools and kept me trapped in the house. We have an inch on the ground with more snow predicted tonight and even more predicted next week. I wonder if the Farmer’s Almanac called for this much bad weather this winter? If I ever get out to the store again, I might just pick up a copy of the Almanac and read up on what it forecast for Tennessee.

University of Alabama Apparel

For Christmas I found the best deals on some University of Alabama shirts that I just couldn’t pass up to get for a friend at work who went to that university a few years back. When she moved up here a lot of her belongings were lost in the move and she really was into her Alabama apparel and was really broken hearted when all of hers went missing.

We have become quite close this past year and so. We have started eating lunch together most days and have gone out a few times after work on a more personal level, which has been fun. I don’t have a lot of friends here, I left all of my friends when I moved down here almost 7 years ago. It’s hard to make new friends when you are a mother and work full time, there isn’t a lot of time for me and my needs, so it works out well to have a good friend at work considering how much time we spend at work.

It was so cool to draw her name at out Christmas gift exchange this year since I knew what would really float her boat this year. So many times you get stuck with a name for someone you really don’t know or like and it can be tricky finding the perfect gift. I really hate just buying a generic gift for anyone, putting a little thought and consideration can go a long way when you buy a present for someone.