Five Days and Counting

Just can’t get in the mood for Christmas shopping, but I realize that we are just 5 days away from Santa’s descent down my chimney. So I had better get busy. There are several people out of town that I won’t get to see in person this year, so I’m plucking a variety of giftcards from the kiosk at Kroger and sending out lots of cards this year. They today is the deadline to get things mailed using regular Post Office mail, so I’m heading out early and getting as much done today as I can do.

One thought on “Five Days and Counting

  1. Deanna Post author

    I love getting gift cards! It makes more sense to enclose a nice gift card in a nice card and pay under a dollar to mail that then to buy a gift, wrap it, box it and then pay up to $60 to ship it. I say gift card all the way!

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