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Luminox watches

Finally heard from my mother-in-law about an idea for a Christmas present for her this year that she will actually enjoy and appreciate. She is always the hardest person to buy presents for and it always becomes a last minute scramble in order to have something in order to hand over a nice gift on Christmas morning. So this year I’m armed with the knowledge a few weeks ahead of time and now I am online looking at various¬†Luminox watches trying to find the perfect one that will put a big ol’ grin on her usual grumpy face.

Girl Clothing Stores Online

The heat is on with Christmas less than 2 months away from now, the clock is ticking and there is still so much to do in order to get everything done. Why does Christmas come so quickly when you become an adult?¬† This year I have had to cut way back, like most folks have had to do since the economy isn’t getting any better and with no end in sight. Inside of buying a bunch of junky gifts for the kids I have had to turn to buying most things that they need rather than what they want.

I have no intentions of going out to the local retail girl clothing stores at the mall, that is just not an option. I don’t deal well with crowds and from what I understand they have started to play Christmas music at most of the stores and the mall, gag me with a spoon. So I have to get busy and start really pounding the keyboard to find some good quality, but affordable girls clothing for my daughter that she will like and wear. This good be a challenge, she is getting to the age that she really would prefer to pick out her own clothes, but she has such expensive taste that it becomes a struggle and a power play that I’m just not up to dealing with these days.

Walmart Coupons

It’s all about saving as much money as you can for all purchases made any day of the year and especially around the holiday season, which by the way if you hadn’t noticed, is fast approaching us. As of this writing there is only 51 days, 6 hours and 50 minutes until Christmas day 2011 and there is still so much to get done. I try and do as much shopping online as I can but some times we all have to venture out into the real world and spend our money in our local retail stores and my favorite store is Walmart. So I was happy to find that there are walmart coupons to be found online at and I wanted to take just a moment and spread the word, lots of other coupons can be found there as well.

Video Games

Why are video games so expensive? I really don’t like spending $60 or $70 dollars for a game. Especially a game that only takes a rainy weekend to beat and then you are done with it. There are only a few games that you can play over and over again. For most of them, once you beat the game it’s not fun any more.

I would really like to see games get back down to under $20. If they were more affordable I would be more inclined to buy them and have a larger collection.

We Have Opinions

Maybe I missed my calling as a professional critic. Although, I must say, my sister is even more critical than I am. The difference between us is how we present our opinions. I try to be soft with my approach, often telling a short story that illustrates my point.I really dislike confrontations and would much rather work toward solving a problem than getting into an argument.

My sister is more straightforward than I am, and has often been called a control freak. But I say, she doesn’t shirk from issues and that she manages to get things done. So, bravo! big sister! It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and my sister and I are working hard to make everyone else perfect.