Monthly Archives: December 2010

Melting Snow

We had a white Christmas, the first one in 17 years. The snow added a sense of magic to the whole weekend. I enjoyed it, but I did not have to drive anywhere in it and I was safe and warm at home.

But today, the weather is warming up and the sun has been heating on all the cars and streets. The snow is definitely melting – I’m sure it will be mostly gone by tomorrow. In fact, they are calling for temperatures to be in the upper 50’s and maybe even the 60’s by the weekend.

This is some crazy weather this year!

Fighting AIDS

On World AIDS Day – can you help make a difference? Even if you only donate $10 to a worthy AIDS organization, at least you have done something good for others. I put a $10 bill into a Christmas card and mailed it to Nashville CARES – a local organization that help people in Middle Tennessee who are living with HIV. I challenge you to do better than that.