There is something magical about putting together a kite and then watching it dance on the wind. Most people can figure out pretty quickly how to tug the string and launch a kite, then give it a little more string to soar higher and higher.

We found a new kite at the local K-Mart called a “finger kite” for only $2 in the toy section. They are little pieces of flexible plastic, shaped like airplanes, birds and other animals. It comes with a little plastic spool of string that fits over your finger and you wind it up by hand. The kite tail is very long and made out of the same thing that cassette tapes are made from, but in different colors. In fact, if you ever have to replace the kite tail, just pull the tape from an old cassette and tape it on the finger kite, and you are good to go.

Don’t Want To Harsh Your Mellow

Today I looked up the definition of the expression that I heard one of the kids saying the other day that I wanted to know what it meant because I was thrown for a real loop when I heard it. There is a cool website The Online Slang Dictionary that I found while looking for the definition of “harsh your mellow” and it tells me that it means – to reduce or destroy a persons good mood and the example they used was – “Hey look here, I really don’t want to harsh your mellow”¬† So now the mystery is over and now I know, I wonder if I’ll get a chance to use this “new” expression on my kids and see what their reaction will be!

I have book marked this site for future use, I think it will be educational and very entertaining as well. You can even sign up to have their “Slang Word of The Day” emailed to you which I’m considering doing. It’s just that I have so much coming into my email every day as it is, ya know . . . . .

What Are Sisters For?

My kid brother is taking classes in Electronics, which is a subject that I really don’t much of anything about, but am willing to learn if needed or would want to. Right now I just wish I knew more about it so that I would have something in common to talk with him about these days when I see him.

I mean I have no idea what surface raceways or tubing looms or multi-pole connectors even are or what they are used for, so I have decided to take a look around online and brush up on some of things just to freak him out from time to time. Keep him on his toes, so to speak, what else are sisters for?

brother and sister tickling

Siblings Playing and Tickling


Sunday Paper

We did not get our Sunday paper this morning. I went out at 8:30, then again at 9:30 and there’s no paper. My neighbors don’t subscribe, so I don’t know if the paper carrier came though here or not, as there are no other driveways to check and see if they got one and just not me.

This is so frustrating. I was looking forward to sipping on my cup of coffee and reading the paper this morning to see what all is going on in the world that I can’t find by going online. But considering what we went through last night I’ve decided not to call and complain. Just because we got through this snow storm all right doesn’t mean that the paper delivery guy made out as well.

comics and coupons too

The Sunday Newspaper

Hot Tub Spa Covers Are Important

Hot tub spa covers are en extremely important aspect of having a hot tub, especially if yours is one of the popular outside spas that people are spending so much time in these days. I have always dreamed of having my own hot tub out back, water is such an important therapeutic option for me, I fear I would never want to do anything other than soak my aching body and all my troubles away and I’d become extremely anti social, preferring my hot tub over just about anyone!

hot spa covers

Cover Your Spa For Safety