The Kindness Of Strangers

A few friends and I went out last month, to a small bar where everyone in town goes to get a away for a night to sit back and have some drinks, good talks and good laughs. When we arrived there we noticed there was a couple guys setting up instruments and a microphone and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were invited or just quickly setting up hoping the owner wouldn’t notice since he was in the kitchen in the far back end of the the building. Before no time at all, they had everything set up and started jamming out, and it sounded good, I mean extremely good.

After one song of theirs, the owner walked out and started clapping and yelled out “we need some more of that!” So I assumed they weren’t invited and showed up as a surprise jam hoping to get some fans, which they most certainly did. After a few songs they took a break to sit and enjoy some conversation with some of the locals and a nice cold beer. I over heard one of the guitar players talk about how his amp wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted it to do and I remembered my sons Randall amplifier that I had just gotten him for Christmas last year for his guitar. As well as some nice bd (black diamond)011 gauge acoustic guitar strings for his other guitar that he has had since he was 8, so he has gone through some guitar strings so I try and keep up with where to get the best deals for guitar needs and wants.

I got up and sat next to him to let him know I knew where to get an extremely great deal for a amp that is extremely popular and he might want to check it out online like I did before I purchased it. He thanked me and ended up slipping me a fifty dollar bill and a phone number for the kindness. I was totally baffled on such a sweet gesture. I told him no thank you but thanks anyways, and my friends and I ended up having to leave since all of us had an early work day the following day.

Before we left I heard him dedicate a song to our little chat they were about to play that he announced was called “kindness of a stranger” I had a big smile on my face and was happy to help him out. Hopefully he enjoys the sound of the Randall amplifier as much as my son does, I’m sure he will and he will be happy to see what a great price it’s going for online at Musicians Friend.

The Need For Cameras

I would imagine that camera sales start climbing way up around this time of the year with so many holidays coming up that people always seem to want to plenty of pictures to put in online and/or their scrapbooks. I love taking and sharing pictures myself but I’ve been fighting the urge to buy one since I have a cell phone that takes pictures for me, quick and easy like. But I’m just not so impressed with the quality of the pictures that it churns out lately. So I’ve decided to start looking around and seeing just what types of cameras are out there and what prices are right now.

I’m not in a major rush, so I have plenty of time to look around and find the perfect camera that does the things that I think are important in a camera. I don’t need a whole heck of a lot of bells and whistles, but just has the basics. The next thing I would really love to have is a decent video recorder. I would love to learn how to get the videos onto, gonna have to ask my geeky little brother about that one when the time comes. That will be so cool!

Coffee or Tea

Ever since we were so sick around here for over a week, I’ve been drinking green tea. It’s gotten so I don’t even have a taste for coffee anymore.

I had heard that green tea does a lot of healthy things for you but I am now living proof.

The assorted age spots that have been gradually appearing on my hands these past couple of years have faded away. You can’t see them at all – and I do believe that it’s thanks to the green tea. We shall see!

11 pm Post Office Run

Ever since I started earning a paycheck and having to pay taxes – not necessarily at the same moment in time – I decided to not file my tax forms or pay any tax due until the last possible minute.  A passive protest, of sorts.

So every April 15, I have the tax forms filled out and sitting in an envelope ready to mail – but I don’t leave for the post office until 11:00 pm. The forms always get their deadline postmark of April 15, and I get the smug satisfaction that my return is included in the avalanche of last minute mailed returns that hit the IRS inbox on April 16 or 17 or whatever it takes to get from Nashville to Memphis or wherever they have to go these days.

taxes due

April the 15th

Trash or Treasure

I was digging around in the garage over the past week end and I stumbled upon 3 metal detectors that I had completely forgotten about for some time now. What the problem is that I have no idea if they work or not so I don’t know if I should keep them or toss them into the scrape pile that is building up behind the garage waiting to be taken to the recycling and scrape company in town. If I remember correctly my nephew has been  metal detecting. We don’t talk much, he isn’t on Facebook, so I’m thinking of asking him to stop by at his convenience and see if he can clue me in a bit. And it would be good to see him, it’s been over a year,