Bad Make Up

I rarely wear a full face of makeup any more. It is just a waste of time and expensive chemicals to paint a face that never steps out the door. So, unless I am going someplace where my appearance is an important part of the outing, I just don’t wear it any more.

But today I had to go to a restaurant to meet friends who used to work with me. I wanted to fit in with them, as they are all still gainfully employed and still have to dress to impress.

So I dug out my makeup bag from the dresser drawer and commenced to applying makeup to my face. Sadly, some of the makeup has actually turned bad – the foundation bottle that I used burned my face, made it itch and caused a rash. So I had to toss that out and wash it off. Then the eyeliner was so dried out and clumpy that I could not use it. And then the lipstick burned my lips. The whole exercise was a disaster!

Teen Spending

With so many people still feeling the effects of our economy that is still in such bad shape, I’m glad to know that my sister allowed me to talk with Lisa, her oldest, my favorite niece, about teen spending and how you have to be prepared to act like an adult when you start into the world of “credit” and all the things that go along with finances in today’s world.

It isn’t too awfully hard to borrow money when you are young and have no credit history. The hard part is making sure you can and do pay it back within the allowed time frame. Just being late on a “payment due” can make a huge difference with your credit score and the late charges can add up, real quick like.

I assured Lisa that the 321 Loans Scam  rumor that was running around rampant in her high school was just a rumor, but did give her credit for paying attention to something like that at her young age. There is so much information available these days that we all have to pay attention to and try and process.

At least there are professionals like Otto Berges, of Bergés Law Group that can help out in our times of financial distress. But it is wiser to be well informed, well educated and well monitored when you are still living at home, under your parents roof to help prevent needing a good attorney in the first place.

After Christmas is over and done with I am taking Lisa to my local bank where I know and trust most of the employee’s that work there and have them talk to her and provide her any type of advise and/or information that will benefit her. We will make a “girl’s day” of it all.

Back Pain Issues

It is good to hear that my in-laws are registering for a Back pain seminar that is scheduled in Dallas Texas on March 17th, which is only a few months away. They were both in a pretty serious car accident about 4 years ago and neither one of them has ever recovered from it. Most days they both experience back and neck pain and have run through plenty of doctors and various medicines, tests, therapies which none have done either one of them a bit of good.  I can only hope that this back pain seminar provides them with something that will help them get through their days and nights without so much pain and discomfort. They are good people and don’t deserve this hard ship.

A Wedding

It’s been a good long while since I have attended a wedding. So when I was told that I was going to be invited to a co workers wedding next spring, I have to admit that I found myself getting a bit excited about the whole ordeal.

I think my favorite part of a wedding is after all the vows have been made and the reception gets started, usually with a band or a D.J. playing some good jamming music for everyone to enjoy listening to and hopefully dance to as well. After the first dance is over and done with the dance floor opens up and the fun begins. I love to dance. I don’t get the chance to shake my tail feather much these days so I really look forward to putting on my dancing shoes and cutting the rug a few times.

Sweet Tea for $1

I have to say that McDonald’s has the best sweet tea around, even better than what I make at home, I hate to say. And now that you can get a large sweet tea at any of the McDonald’s I have been going to McDonald’s at least once a day, arg….. You see I got burned out on McDonald’s years ago and try my best to avoid the place if I have any say in the matter, although their french fries are still the best french fries available by any fast food chain.

I just spent a few minutes looking online for the recipe for McDonald’s Sweet Tea. There are many websites out there that claim to have the exact recipe but they are all different in some way, shape or form. I’m going to try a few of them in the near future and see what pans out. One recipe claims that you need to put in just a tad bit of baking soda in the tea in order to keep in nice and clear instead of cloudy, that sounds interesting and I’m curious to see if it works.

mickey d's sweet tea

$1 Sweet Tea