Menopause, Not A Laughing Matter

I know that menopause is nothing to really laugh about. I’m not looking forward to the day that I start feeling the effects of “The Change”. For some women it isn’t all that big of a deal, but in my family it is a major issue with the majority of the females that have gone through and the ones that now are going through it all.

So something tells me that I’m in for one heck of a hormonal change. Not something to look forward to folks!..

Walking With Macina

Last night I had dinner at my best friends house, something that we try very hard to do and actually accomplish at least once a month. It gets me out and away from my “duties” at home for anevening, I get to spend quality time with my BFF as well as spending some time with my 2 year old god-daughter, Macina who I just adore, totally. After eating dinner I always take Macina for a short walk while the dishes are being taken care of, since I’m a guest I’m not allowed in the kitchen for any type of clean up duty, which is just fine with me.

Last night was the first night in a long time that we had a nice breeze going on and there were a lot more people out and about for a change due to the long over due break in the extreme heat that we have been dealing with for so long this summer. So to celebrate we actually walked over to the ice cream parlor where she got a free “kiddie cone” and I enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cone for the walk back where Macina enjoyed looking into the many store front windows that we passed to see what was going on in all of them.

She was really attracted to this one store that appeared to be empty of anything other than a few tables, some chairs and a good amount of people that were just seeming to be milling around the place. While Macina had her nose pressed onto the glass, I read on the door a home made looking sign with the word Herbalife printed on it, so I figured there was some type of meeting going on to do with the Northern Virginia Herbalife Distributors in the area and was impressed on how many people were in there. After Macina had her fill of that scene we started to move on down the strip when we heard a voice calling out behind us, so I turned around to see a young lady walking very fast trying to catch up to us so I stopped to see what in the world was going on.

She was a sweet girl, couldn’t be a day over 12, actually had a dress on and not the jeans that we tend to see on almost every kid in America. Anyway she was inviting us to come back with her and find out more about the Herbalife Diet, which I thought was very brave of her as well as nice of her to offer, but I had to turn her down. Macina was over due for a diaper change and her mother would really freak out if we didn’t get back to her apartment in our usual time frame, so just wasn’t the right time. Too bad, it might have been interesting, so I’ve decided to check out Herbalife Online and see what it’s all about when I have some play time on the computer.

I Miss My RCA Nipper

When I was a little girl, we used to take Lee Highway to go around the Northern Virginia suburbs. When we got close to Merrifield, which is in the county of Fairfax. We would always see this huge figure of Nipper, the dog. Nipper was the mascot for RCA records.

I loved watching this big dog and the record player from the back seat of my Daddy’s car as we drove by, I’d heard conflicting stories with various tidbits of information concerning just exactly where Nipper is hanging out these days. I hate to admit it but I don’t believe Nipper is there any more. But it was fun to find these old photo of a childhood landmark. Maybe I’ll do a quick bit of research online and see if I can find any thing that fix my curiosity.

famous dog

RAC Loves Nipper


a talking machine

His Master’s Voice







So before logging off here just now, I spent a few minutes looking for the Nipper which I remember specifically resided for a good long while in Merrifield. I had no idea how many statues of Nipper there really are out there on many a roof tops. Only a very few pictures are available of the one I remember and I just found one. Still don’t know where he is but it’s nice to know that I remember correctly.

nipper sitting

My Nipper Back In The Day – in Merrifield, VA

We All Need Energy

With all of the gadgets that are invading our homes and offices as fast as they can the need for batteries to run all of them can be a challenge. It seems that I am always running to the cabinet that holds the shoe box that I try and keep full of various batteries, only to find that the kind that I am needing at that time are not there, it never seems to fail. As hard as I try to keep them all in stock it just seems to be an impossible task and I seem to constantly being purchasing some type of battery when I go to Walmart where the prices are usually lower then other retail stores for most batteries.

But when it comes to the energy that is necessary to run the various computers in the house I turn to the Internet to help me find what I need. I mean it isn’t as if you can run down to any store and buy like a dell battery or a Dell  ac adapter for example just anywhere. The best place that I have found so far online which is where I just found the Dell AC Adapter that hubby needed for his laptop and he needed it quick like and so far they haven’t let me down without having to pay extra for it.

Something that I really like is that they have a link on their website that you can type in your zip code and hopefully find one of the over 30,000 locations that are provided for any of us to use to drop off any of our old cell phones or rechargeable batteries to be recycled. If you know me at all you know how seriously I feel about recycling.

Since we live out in the boonies I really didn’t expect to see any place close at all for us to use but was pleasantly surprised to find 5 that are convenient for us and believe me we have taken advantage of these collection locations since discovering them a while back, it’s all good!

new favorite color

Green Is My Favorite Color These Days

Did You Know That . . .

If you separate your bananas when you get them home they will last longer than if you keep them on the stem.

If you store your opened cheese in aluminum foil they will last longer and it will not mold.

And if you add a teaspoon of water to your ground beef while cooking it, it will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking.

I would love to have a copy of this book – Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook. I’ll have to keep my eyes open and see if I can find a copy in the numerous places that I get books for dirt cheap and/or free.

good information to have

A Useful Read For Anyone