Awesome Fireplace

My house has a big problem with the fireplace – it is leaking. We can’t use it to burn wood, which I miss greatly. The chimney is deteriorating from water damage and wood rot, so it needs some serious repair work. So I’m calling for estimates and having trouble finding anyone who wants to work on it.

I love the fireplace in this picture. It’s like the fireplace in the Cracker Barrel near my house. I wish I had a working fireplace like that one in my house. It would be awesome – you would have to pry me out of the rocking chair next to it during the winter months.

Cracker Barrell's Fireplace

Best Seat in The House!


For The Love of Aquamarive

My all time favorite color has always been aquamarine and I have found the perfect affordable home decor at the Z Gallerie’s website today. It must have been fate because I have been looking for some aquamarine decorative accessories and I just filed for my tax return and I should be getting some cash back in the next week. I learned to file my taxes online and it saves a lot of the time that we normally have to wait for our refund (if we get a refund) so I get my hands on my money in no time, as well as going directly into my checking account.

If you get a chance you really should check out this stylish home decor and chick furniture and see all the wonderful affordable furniture and the gorgeous accessories that they have there. Check out this beautiful piece of faux coral that would, and will, look great in the piece of art I am creating with pieces of the sea’s and ocean’s that I’ve visited at, along with all of the shark’s teeth that I’ve collected ever since I was a wee one. I’ve never seen a piece of aquamarine coral before, even though it is faux – so this is exciting.

Plastic Tubing

Looking at all of the buyheatshrink plastic tubing with my sister gave me one heck of a headache. I am not used to standing behind someone while they are in the “driver’s seat” of a computer for more than a few minutes at a time. But since sis was trying so hard to find the best product for the best deal in order to score some points for her brother-in-law. He has been real cranky this past month or so. It suck that everyone has to walk around like they are literally walking on egg shells.

I have just tried to avoid any kind of contact with him. A much easier task for me since I don’t live with him. Although I do spend a good amount of time over there to see and be around my sis and their kids.


Girl Games, It’s About Time

I am so happy to say that girl games have gone a long way since my 22 year old niece was a little girl looking for girl games to play on the computer. Of course that was all most twenty years ago, but you have to understand that girls were just as active on computers back then and had only a few actually girl games for the large number of females that were looking for entertainment just as much as the guys were. I don’t know what they would have done without the few Disney games that had come out by then. I remember how much she loved playing The Lion King back then, but then I’m sure a lot of young guys were playing it back then as well.

These days there are tons of girl games available to today’s generation of young girls. One such site that has a grand selection to offer is easy girl games. Everything from kissing games, Barbie games, cooking games, make over games, to celebrity dress up games. Not only do they have games to play but they have tips and articles that are targeting the female population for them to read and use as well, so it isn’t only games that they have there, which I think is pretty darn cool.

Let’s hear it for “Girl Power” – Remember The Spice Girls?

Ride On

Got your Harley yet? I figure we’ll seeing even a bigger increase in the number of guys/gals on motorcycles come next spring and summer. With the price of gasoline rocketing upward, this gives every middle aged crisis guy the perfect excuse to buy a motorcycle using the excuse of great gas mileage.

A lot of guys ride the Japanese made bikes that tear through my neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays on their way to the Lake. Those guys are the dummies who ride with sandals instead of good leather boots, and ride shirtless instead of a leather jacket or vest. They ride too fast for the road conditions, dart in between cars, burn rubber at stop signs, and eventually get hurt because they are reckless and stupid.

Harley riders are different. Guys on the Jap bikes are the ones who ruin it for the rest of us. These idiots are the reason we have helmet laws. The serious bikers know to protect themselves and how to handle a motorcycle. But the idiots don’t even have enough sense to wear a helmet unless we force them to do it.

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