Nashville Snowman

You are never too old to play in the snow! My neighbor, Ed, is a musician and he wanted to build a snowman in his yard. He’s originally from Orland, FL and has never had snow like this. So we spent about an hour rolling up the snowballs and putting it together. He added the guitar and I donated the Jack Daniels hat. I think he was cute! It’s just too bad that the hard wind blew the Jack Daniels hat off before I could get a picture!

fun in the snow

Guitar Playing Snowman


Pro Tools 11 Available

Well I guess if you have the extra money to purchase the newest pro tools 11, you should totally go for it, so when my brother was bragging that he just bought himself one, you could have knocked me over with a feather. You see my kid brother has been living with my folks all of his life, which consists of 27 years, because he can’t afford to leave the nest.

It just blows me away to see so many young adults that are still living at home with one or both parents. Experts say that most of them are men and I would have to agree with them. I can count on two hands the guys that I know that are in this position. I know times are rough, but something is seriously wrong here.


Avid Pro Tools 11

Now That Just Makes Good Sense

I’m glad that they have finally found a way for the kids that still take a shower after gym to dry their hair before heading back to another class or to go home. Back when I was in school we had to take a shower after gym and dealing with a wet head for the rest of the day was a total nightmare! Now a days it isn’t mandatory, but the showers are still available to use, only now you have the option to use those heavy duty commercial hand dryers that you see in so many restrooms these days, that they can use to blow dry their hair.

I never would have thought to use one of those restroom hand dryers to dry my hair, but it makes sense to me, it is just a blow dryer that is attached to the wall. I always use the air hand dryers when I use a public restroom, but I do like having paper towels as well to use to open the door to exit them with. You can imagine all the nasty germs that are just waiting on those doors from all the people that don’t wash their hands before leaving, it all most makes me sick just thinking about it.

Today was the first day of school and my daughter took a picture of the hand dryers that were installed over the summer with her cell phone.

Mom is Lonely

Sometimes I feel so guilty for living so far away from my mom. She lives in Florida where I grew up, and I live with my husband and kids in Washington, DC. She likes to be on her own, but I worry about her. When I speak to her on the phone I get the feeling all she does all day is sit by herself and watch the TV.

She has a few friends but they are all busy spending time with their own families. I have invited her to come and live with us several times, but she says DC is too cold for her and she never wants to live here. I hope that eventually she will decide to come and live with me, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

I try to visit her as much as I can, but it’s hard to make the trip that often. It’s expensive to fly the whole family down there and we can’t always afford it. I guess if she needed us she would call, so I try to put it out of my head and do the best I can. My husband says that maybe in a few years he will start looking for a job in Florida. I hope that actually happens so I can help my mom and enjoy much warmer weather!

What Do You Predict And Will You Share It

I was turned on to a really cool site that allows you to make a Prediction and then sit back and wait and see if it comes true by the date that you predicted it to. You can link it to your Face Book page or Twitter and I was also told that I could link it here on my blog but I searched and searched and for the life of me I could not find the slanted number 8 that they told me to find and click on after making my prediction, sigh…..

I still think it is a cool site. What I Predict is  “There is no doubt that the new technology that our law enforcement population have been issued called Cellebrite cell phone extraction device (UFED) will be in the news because it will be abused by so many people that wear the “badge.” which is a device that I had heard about and then read about on Face Book last night. Pretty scary info her folks, please check it out if you can.

Now after saying all of that I just found the slanted 8 and I’m going to try and link it here. Will see if it works or not. Here goes nothing folks…

Well it doesn’t come out as a link, but when I copy and pasted the info and put it in the address bar it does take you right to my Prediction where you can then read it and then comment on it. Pretty cool beans if I don’t say so myself.