Pet Allergies

This time of year gets really expensive for pet care. All the bugs have come out, so the dogs need a monthly heartworm pill, a monthly dose of Frontline for fleas and ticks, and my poor Buck and Buster both get grass and weed allergies so they need monthly allergy shots.

Buster has seizures and needs a daily dose of anti-convulsive pills – twice a day. So add the annual rabies and other pet tests and doses, and having a couple of dogs can run your monthly bills up quite a bit. But my dogs are well worth every penny – they are like my kids and deserve good medical care.

Wedding DJs

It sounds like the Joe Bunn DJ Company, which is managed by david fox, did a bang up job last week at the “wedding of the year” for my longtime friend Anne Marie down in North Carolina. She managed to sent me a few photos in a short email and is looking forward to sharing the professional photographs that were taken on Face Book, for everyone to enjoy.

I couldn’t make it to the wedding so being able to see these photos is about the only way that I will be able to see all the fun, along with the few times of seriousness, that she experienced on her big day! I wish her and her new husband all the luck in the world. May it be the one and only wedding that they attend.

Beating The Heat Wearing My Scrubs

I am so happy with the scrub medical uniforms that I recently ordered from the link that my sister sent me to wear this summer. As I have written about before the extreme heat this summer was taking it’s toll on me and making me not want to leave the house and the air conditioner. Every thing that I own and have in my closet just wasn’t cutting it and my sister was tired of hearing me complain about it. That is when she came up with the idea of me wearing scrubs. They are light weight and come in many styles, colors and designs these days so it wasn’t hard to find some that I thought I could get by in wearing out about in public.

One of my concerns about wearing these scrubs is that I didn’t want people to think I was mocking our medical professionals by wearing their clothes while not really being in the medical field. But my sister convinced me not to worry about that. If someone were to ask me what I do or where I work I could always come up with some crazy believable story or actually come clean and admit to wearing these comfortable due to my problems dealing with the heat. I mean really, it isn’t as if there is a law against it and it isn’t like I really care what most people think anyway, especially people that most likely will never see again anyway.

Thanks sis, you were right once again!

Harry’s Good At Finding The Best Hot Deals Online

It was good to hear that Harry got back home safe and sound along with his beloved guitar! We had such a great time listening to some of the new music that he wrote, along with many that we have played and sang together for many, many years before he up and moved almost half way across the country.

Harry is known for taking advantage of some of the best Hot Deals online to help with his love of music. Currently he has his eye on a real nice deal on an Akai Professional MPC Renaissance Controller that he has been saving up for the past couple of months or so. I remember him checking out some of his favorite online music stores while he was here. Lord knows I wouldn’t have the first clue on what to do with all of the numbers, buttons and switches that people use with one of these gadgets. But as long as Harry knows, it’s all good!

Real Professional Like

Akai Professional MPC Renaissance Controller

Carry On

At first it looked like Harry would have to keep his Manuel Rodriguez guitar at home or put it in the mail because he had way too much stuff to carry onto the plane back home. But after rethinking it and a bit of rearranging he will be able to carry it along with him, nice and safe like.

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