Bandwidth in Chicago and San Francisco

Generally speaking, more attention will be given to the frontline technology to provide internet, and less to the technology being used to provide bandwidth or capacity. Not that the internet technology can or should be ignored, but the strength and reliability of the system is as much or more to do with the bandwidth than anything else.

Trade Show Internet provides both services, and their bandwidth services can be scaled appropriately to the kind of technology that you are using for your internet access. It will also depend both on the number of users you intend on serving and the kinds of applications they intend on running over the network. Browsing and email access require a great deal less bandwidth than streaming a presentation. Trade Show Internet’s solutions range from the simple cellular network to fiber optic.

They offer services across the country, including Chicago ( and San Francisco(

Generating a Buzz

There is always the need to generate and keep a buzz and to have the best of today’s technology and the people to run it of course in order to get the most out of the traffic that is needed for today’s businesses big, medium or small. Your Home Page is a big deal – first impressions can make or break you, let there be no doubt about that. There are so many aspects of today’s computers that businesses rely on and with the economy still in such turmoil we all are doing what we can to generate the all mighty dollar.

The Internet has really become the most efficient way to advertise just about any product or service. Your Advertiser page and Publisher page is another important feature of doing major marketing utilizing the World Wide Web for everything that it has to offer. Makes me wonder what all we will be utilizing in just another decade or so for our current love affair with the Internet in the 21st century!

A Great Gift Idea

I think that a moog etherwave theremin would be a great gift to give my youngest brother who has recently become a teenager. One of his favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory and anyone who watches this show knows that Sheldon loves his etherwave so I’m sure Billy would be thrilled with one as well. I will have to look around and see what I can find online for this gift choice.

Vet Scrubs

I had to take one of my dogs to the vet today, a trip that no one enjoys taking, but twice a year I load her up in the car and haul her old butt up the street to the local veterinarian for her check ups. Squeaky is over 13 years old and she doesn’t like having to get in and out of the back seat anymore and she knows where we are going so she doesn’t make it any easier than she possibly can for the duration of the entire task.

I really like the people that work at this medical facility for animals. They are always friendly and I usually don’t have to wait very long for any of the many procedures, office visits, shots, and all the other times we end up in their waiting room. It’s nice to see their dress policy allows the more upbeat vet scrubs for their medical uniforms that most folks are required to wear if they are in any type of medical position. They have some pretty cool veterinary scrub fashions to choose from these days, not just Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse that we are all so used to seeing so much of for so long.